I walked quickly toward a crowd of people in front of me. They looked panicked. “I’m a reporter,” I said. They gave me way. The first thing I looked was a man at my age died tragically. His head cracked. I prepared the camera and took a picture.

“I saw immediately when he fell from the top of this building,” said a witness behind me, a man. “Maybe he committed suicide.”

I turned my attention to him. “So what else are you looking at?” I asked.

“I guess that’s it. It happened very fast. We immediately ran to this man.”

I was interested to hear his story and wanted to interview him further. No, I mean – I wanted to be sure that he did not really see me pushing this victim from the building. Yes. Only that.

  • Kateastrophe

    Wow! Amazing plot twist! Great story, although, I wish there was more. Overall, great!

  • Sozu Newa

    No not creepy at all

  • The Voice of Nightmares

    I truly do enjoy your stories. I was wondering if I could narrate this on my YouTube channel?