Reds favorate Kill

Quietly a man struggled. Chained tightly to a black dentist chair. He tried to look around but his head was chained down and he felt defenceless to whatever had put him here. Suddenly a feminine chuckle rang out, echoing vividly, he couldn’t point out where it came from, but suddenly a beautiful young girl walked into the dim light, red eyes and hair, she wore black short shorts, and a sleeveless crop top with a black ribbon tied to a dangling bow right above her bellybutton. The outfit high lighted her curves perfectly. She looked at him with a smile that sent chills down his spine and he struggled to break free.

“Hello, how was your nap?” she giggled “who are you?” He stuttered “the names Blood Red, but call me Red,formality seems so pointless now a days” she pulled a dagger handle out of he back pocket and chuckled “where’s my daughter!?” He tried to sound intimidating but failed “why would you care? All you ever do is hurt her, but since you asked, she’s safe, far from you” red scowled “I love my daughter!” He yelled “of course you do, at least when you’re not drunk and beating her half to death nightly, right?” The cruel smile on her face was terrifying “no, I-I…” A lump formed in his throat.”speechless? Most people are when confronted by their sins, now are you ready?” She asked “ready for what?” His fear grew as her smile seemed to widen “ready to wash away your sins?” She chuckled “how?” He started to struggle again afraid of what was coming “with your blood of course!”

Red lowered the chair so he was laying down, he started to scream for help “my, so loud, inside voices please” she gaged him with a piece of bloody cloth and took the dagger handle and pressed a button a 6inche silver blade extended out of the handle, she cut his shirt off, then pressed the blade gentle on his chest skin, he shivered at the cold metal. “How does it feel to be so defenceless?” She laughed and cut a long incision from the base of his neck to the bottom of his stomach, he felt tears of agony run down his cheeks she reached her hand in and broke his ribs out and took one and sharpened it, then leaned toward his face “stop the crying, you don’t deserve it” she whispered the firm demand but the pain was too extreme, she sighed “fine, I’ll help you” she took the sharpened rib and drove it into his eye socket, slowly digging his eye out, and did the same with the other “there, that’s much better” he was blind but felt her cold nails on his skin as she carved words into his side “if you don’t mind I would like to keep some of your blood” he felt a tube get violently shoved into the vein on both his arms and into his open chest cavity, Moments passed as he waited for her next move, wishing for death, suddenly he felt breath on his ear “I’ll leave you here to soak in the pain for now, but I’ll be back”

After what felt like days, he felt warmth at his side, and was almost relieved, the absolute silence was driving him mad. “Miss me? I have to admit I almost forgot about you I’ve been so busy” she chuckled, and he felt her hands move his organs around “I better patch this up or you might get an infection, then your blood would become very sour, and that wouldn’t taste very good, now would it?” She chuckled and suddenly a small piercing pain of a needle and thread pulled his skin together “it may be a bit sloppy, I’m not that good at sewing”

After awhile he had been able to spit the gag out and start screaming again, taking red by surprise “be quiet now, you’ll awake my proxies and they won’t be very happy with you” but he ignored her warning and shouted for help as loud as possible “grrr, I said Shut Up!” She grabbed his face violently and drove the needle through his mouth, and holding them shut with one hand she sewed his lips together with the other. Finally he was forced into silence by the pain. “Sorry I had to be mean, but you wouldn’t listen” she smiled “don’t look at me like that! I’m only helping!” She shouted, he was very confused, this girl was psycho, but then she sewed his eye lids together as well, and ripped the tubes out of his arms, finally he felt death take hold but the last words he heard would scar him even after death “I warned you”
“I’m Always Watching”

  • MadisonAshley


  • MissMe123

    Story makes little sense. Ok,.nice torture scene, but why is she doing it? Please expand and not so abrupt an ending.

  • burrito dogz playz

    Make a part 2!!!!