This family was going on a camping trip to Deer Lake Woods. Eddie the 15-year-old and his younger sister Amy were so excited. The mother, Nina was feeling uneasy like they were being watched by something. Mike, the father, and Eddie set up camp while Nina and Amy went down to the lake.

“Mama the lake is so pretty,” Amy said excitedly. Amy looked up and saw a deer looking at them. The deer started walking towards them. Nina grabbed Amy,  the deer opened its mouth wide,  they could see it wasn’t like any deer they seen before.

The deer has sharp teeth and glowing red eyes, the deer started sprinting towards them. Nina took Amy and ran back to camp. Mike could she something spooked her and asked her what happened.

“This deer attacked us. It wasn’t like any deer I seen,” she explained.

“It could have been the heat,” Mike told her. “Heat can make people see things”.

Mike told Eddie to catch some fish, Eddie walked to the lake. On the way he spotted a dead deer, but something was still eating it, he saw it was that same deer his mom and sister saw. The deer looked up at him with blood all over its mouth. It smiled at him and stood up.

Eddie screamed, Mike heard the scream and ran into the woods to find Eddie lying on the ground covered in blood. He was still breathing, he called 911. Amy and Nina came with the first aid kit and stopped the bleeding long enough for the ambulance to arrive.

  • Vemu

    And then…..😒?

    • Zach Johnson

      And then they all lived happily ever after until the mother fell into cardiac arrest and died. The End thank God.

  • AngryGuy2

    I feel like the premise of this story had potential, but the story itself was rather lackluster. I recommend fixing the grammar and punctuation missteps and not rushing the ending like that. I believe that if you fix these things, your story will improve exponentially. 🙂