Puppets: Transcripts Chapter 1

Ok ok, maybe I did not tell my story pretty well the first time, MAYBE I shortened it and made it seem like a terrible thing some kid writes because he likes scary stories but doesn’t know how to write them himself, but I don’t have the time to write them with what happened recently. But I have a solution! My audio journal, I can copy and paste parts of my audio journal here, (and fix a few grammatical errors)  but first I should introduce myself.

My name is David, and I have cursed my town by accident, how are you doing?

-August week one-

I have started this audio journal because my parents said it would be a good idea, it’s pretty stupid if you ask me.

Today was very uneventful i just sat around waiting for Chris to get over here already, he is sooooooooo annoying when it comes to being on time. he did not even show up today!

Chris said he forgot it was yesterday and thought I was today, but it’s cool because we played some video games and had fun.

Chris came over again today and told me about what is being planned, the “squad” (Chris likes to use the stupidest slang) was getting together and doing some truth or dare

My parents said that i don’t have to do this journal on the weekends so, one more day for this week, yay?

My parents took me to the toy shop (I did not even know they existed anymore other than like, Toys R’ us) and there was this weird tall guy at the register who was watching us the entire time. (What a creepy dude!) it was boring, and stupid since I’m 14 (kind of OVER these kinds of toys by now don’t you think?)

-August week two-

We are planning to do the truth or dare sessions as a group on the 24ᵗʰ of August, (next week essentially)

I’m kind of a excited, since it will be fun, the polar opposite of today, which was so BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING, I literally did nooooooooooooothing

I was walking by that store, you know the toy one, and that creepy guy was just.. Watching me again, through the window

He was watching me again, his face was so blank and… his stare… It made it feel like he was watching into my soul. And he was disapproving.

Every day, just staring and watching through that window. Doesn’t have something to do? Anything to do? Can he PLEASE  stop watching me….?

I did not have to walk through that street today, but i STILL felt like he was watching me. Always, even when he isn’t looking at me he is watching… Waiting.

-August week two-

Two more days until the “squad” as Chris annoyingly puts it every time has are game of truth and dare, well it’s not normal truth or dare, it’s more dare and dare, you don’t have a truth option, you get your first dare, if you refuse that dare then you get a second dare, and you HAVE to do that dare no matter what. It’s fun most of the time.

Same old dude, watching me on the same old street, through the same old window, in the same old store. This time he waved to me however and went back to his business once I looked at him, with a kind smile on his face… maybe I had been imagining his stare?

Yes it is on, don’t worry, I will say again that it will most likely only pick up MY voice. Dare first? Alright, Chris, I dare you to…. Paint “squad” over a police car. Don’t be a wuss, my next dare will be worse Chris, I would just go with it. (skip ten minutes) Alright, dare obviously. What? Ok… Repeat it directly into the mic…. What part of directly on the mic do you not get idiot.

Go into the toy store and knock down EVERYTHING.

I accept, it’s a pretty mild dare… (ringing of the store door) Hello sir, I’m just here to look. Yeah I know closing time is in a few hours thank you… (Sound of knocking a few items down behind me) Alright, three down, five thousand to go… (Sound of accidentally knocking an entire aisle wall over. The man who is always staring runs out from behind is desk yelling, when he slips on a toy and hits his head on the edge of an aisle, his head bleeding a little) Oh god! (friends showing up) I don’t know! He slipped on a toy or something and hit his head! Ok ok ok, we need to get him into the back, they always have first aid back there, does anyone have their phone on them?… Ok there is the first aid… watch out watch out! Oh god! Why was that stuff open! His face! We need to get out of here! (running out of the store with friends)

Ok, the squad have all decided that we were not going to tell anyone of what happened, if anyone does then we will deny our hand in it. His face…

-November week two-

It’s been three months since… the incident, and today… Chris stopped going to school.. In fact I haven’t seen any of the Jefferson’s in their house today…

    The whole entire family, just missing. No idea where they went, why they went, or HOW they went… I learned the name of the guy by the way… his name was Coleman Rhoades… I have been seeing that word a lot recently.

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    I like it…. very suspenseful