Prisoner 1068

May 3rd 2014

I’ve recently been framed for murder. They gave me the number 1068. I have a few complaints but at least they let me use a computer once every month though we only get 5 minutes. And the food here tastes worse the 2 week old meatballs! Well it could be worse right?

June 7th 2014

Well I was right it could get worse and if there’s one thing I hated the most I’d be the fact I was r***d in the middle of the night I hope I’m not pregnant. It hurts so much right now but I can’t let anyone know or else they might give me extra time. I’m almost out of time now.

July 21st 2014

Well I am pregnant… This f*****g s***s because now I’m going to suffer in here even more I’m not sure I’ll last much longer

Entry 001 date July 14th 2014

I’ve noticed prisoner 1068 has become more aggressive since she became pregnant if this behavior  continues I’ll have to put her in solitary confinement

Entry end

October 31st 2014

My child turns out to be a stillborn I’ve never been more depressed I feel like it’s all my fault. That’s it tomorrow I’m going to get REVENGE for my child see you when I get out jack.

Entry 029

Prisoner 1089 has  been acting aggressive today I’ll have to move her to solitary confinement. I believe this may have been caused due to a guard killing her child I’ll need more details in the morning

Entry end

Entry 027

Prisoner 1089 has broke out as well as killed several guards we’ll have to find and execute her before she can cause morrrrrrrrrrrr dumb guard didn’t hear me coming up behind him now that I’m wanted I guess theirs only one thing to do after I kill jack goodbye forever

End entry

Prisoner 1089 was found dead that morning she killed herself with an M9 more information is required to tell reason being suicide.

  • Puddin Tane

    Story is sloppy. It’s all over the place. No back story. You changed the prisoner’s number. Then you end it rather abruptly. Your sentence structure and punctuation needs a lot of work, as well.

  • IronMosquito

    Um, aren’t female and male prisoners kept in different prisons? Unless some magic took place, the prisoner couldn’t have gotten pregnant. Other than that, the rest of the story was terrible. I agree completely with Puddin Tane’s comment. I don’t see any strengths in this piece of writing.

  • Karii

    Why did the number change from1068 to 1089?

  • Tristan Evans

    Pretty raw pasta. 2/10