Poem: Remembering My Bully

Author’s Note: So in this story there are very subtle hints towards the person hurting me in this poem. Also just to clarify I’m not suicidal


When the night falls high and the light goes down

There are very few people walking around

The slight chill going down you spine and spreading through your body

Remembering the times of when you were a prodigy

The proud faces of people around you

Smiles so bright it left a slight hue

Remembering the life that you once had

The happy days where you were almost never sad

But those days are gone and that day a part of me left too

Halloween parties when your friends scared you with just a simple ‘BOO’

Memories I’ll never get to live again

I would take more time to take it all in

Snapped out of my thoughts by the crashing ocean beneath me

Darkness, water, death… release

The water so cold when I first jump in with bare arms

But then the water starts to feel so warm

Now remembering where it all went wrong

Damn, only 3 hours? But these hours have felt so long

I had everything till I didn’t and I’m only fourteen

But inside of me are pictures that have never been seen

I guess I ran out of luck

Barley on the bull and I’m already bucked

Sad but true but do not cry when I meet my despise

Carry on with happiness filled lives

I have made many mistakes so I hope this will cleanse them

I don’t care if I get teared limb from limb

At least I can finally make someone happy

  • Darkkiodi86

    who was it

  • Hanni

    I like the way this is written.

  • Ashton Yumiko

    I could relate to this✍

  • Sultan__

    Not so sure on who’s your abuser, I got as far as the cliff and all I interpreted the entire beginning and middle but I’m still confused on who. Concerning the bull was this some form of sexual abuse?

    • Bree

      Hey, It’s the autor of this and let me say this is not one of my best works and I can see how this can be confusing. I was trying to be subtle but I guess I was TOO subtle. I’m going to re-edit this at a later time though. Also It’s not a sexual abuser but this is more of a metaphor. Like I said earlier I’m going to fix some of my mistakes at a later time. Thank you for the feedback.

      • Sultan__

        I agree, you were subtle to the point where as only the author knows who’s the abuser. As for the poem it wasn’t bad for a first go at it.

  • Widow

    Very cool. But this is a creepypasta app/website and not for poems. But i really liked it

    • Bree

      If it didn’t want/need poems on here then there wouldn’t be a category for it.

  • Ren okumera

    Don’t worry I have been there it only gets better