There was once a man with a multiple personality disorder. He had 2 sides, Himself and “Phisty”. Originally Phisty is not a personality but a Tiny piece of Zalgo’s soul and body mixed with the Rake’s DNA. His name is Phillip Freight.

He is a nice elementary student but his father is abusive and he is a psycho. He always beats up Phillip and his mother every day. One day Phisty got mad.

“I’m done with this crap Phil!”

“What do you mean Phisty?”

“You let your f*****g garbage father to beat you like a ragdoll? You should be strong!”


“Beat him up! Crush his bones!”

“No he’s my dad! I still love him!”

“I can’t believe humans”

Phil was about to go to bed that night but he saw SOMETHING else.

He screamed.


“What is it!?”

“Dad a monster! In there! The closet!”

“Ha! Monster!? There’s no such thing!”

He turned back at him and told him to sleep.

He peeked and saw his mother was dead!

He snapped. His neck was snapping. He was so angry he slammed the door open. His father told him.

“Ah good timing help me throw her to the lake.”

“No I’m done listening to you!”

“How dare!”

He turned his back on him Phil went in his room.

His father was checking his room then he heard in the closet and as he opened he saw SOMETHING. It has sharp teeth, a sharp curved smile, black eyes, and yellow pupils. It jumped at him and scratched his heart.

“Ugh! what are you!? Monster?”

“Monster? There is no such thing. By the way I am Phisty. And also your son!”

He died after a while.

8 years later

He was already 14 and he moved to his grandma’s. He had new friends and a new life. After he met the most beautiful girl, he saw Shirley. She had pink hair and it was glowing.

He wanted to have her as a wife so bad. He loved her and one day a fateful day came and they were invited to a part. He feared this because he is not a party person.

But she insisted he come so he did and at the party he never even knew anyone in the party but they did now Shirley. After a while she introduced me to someone.

“Hello Richard this is my friend Phillip.”

“Ew! Get him off me! Why bring a loser here this is a rich kids party girl not a weirdo party hahahah!”

“F**k you!”

He never liked this and he was gonna slap her and I can’t move but Phisty yelled, “Hey! BLOCK FOR HER!”

He caught the slap before it hit her face and grabbed Shirley to a table.

“Hey thanks.”

“No problem.”

Then they noticed men coming towards them and they started beating the hell out of both of you. You fell and saw Shirley’s poor face Phisty came out and like time stopped.

“Damn it. Don’t be a f*****g weakling fight! FIGHT! FIGHT!”

He screamed as his hair grew. His eyes turned black and pupils bright yellow. His claws and teeth came out of him. His mouth carving a smile. He screamed and blacked out.

After a while he snapped out of it and saw he is still in his demon form and Shirley is there. She is crying


“Help me! Take me! Get me out of here! Hahaha you killed them! I was so weak and you fought them for me! how heroic hehe take me with you.”

She’s gone mad after the trauma of gore around. As he saw the body’s blood and more other gorey things around, he grabbed Shirley and she is smiling at him.

After then he saw a skinny tall man in a suit he has no face and he told him.

“I must get you out of here! Come with me.”

He reached his hands and offered us a new life, a new home, a new family.

  • JDWintony

    Phisty follows a similar formula to many creepypasta these days: a troubled youth becomes a monster, kills some bullies and is welcomed into the ever expanding House of Slender.

    The work makes interesting use of “split-personalities” to justify the protagonist’s demented behavior, although since this other personality (the eponymous “Phisty [And I’d be very interested to know how he came to be called this]) is a combination of other canonical monstrosities, it leaves open some questions about whether the main character is truly demented, or just possessed. It’s a shame this story is so short, because it would be interesting to see this character developed. There’s a lot of good material present for some internal conflict.

    Speaking of undeveloped characters, the work is full of them. The mother is practically a red-shirt. The girlfriend has a name, at least, has “glowing” pink hair and is crazy. I’d like a little more in the way of personality however for the reader to grow attached to these people. The sense of risk is non-existent while they remian one dimensional. Oddly enough, I think the abusive father might have a lot of good character potential. He’s obviously the main source of the protagonist’s trauma, he deserves some more time on the page.

    Finally, the work is in desperate need of some basic editing. It flows in and out of pov. Basic grammatical mistakes are rampant. Some scenes such as the party confrontation need a little clarity.

    Overall, it’s a little derivitive and feels more like an early draft than a completed work; but with some tlc it could become an interesting examination into the mind of a person living with trauma. Perhaps the split personality’s “origin” could even be a way for the main character to rationalize his condition?