Patient #A191

There was a top secret underground prison where the world doesn’t know about called the “Dark Asylum” which the government doesn’t let you know about the supernatural creatures of darkness that lures within the prison. At top prison A-191 which is the deepest in the underground is the most dangerous creature that could terrorize the whole world once has been out. She has been diagnosed with low functioning psychopathic tendencies and a very sadistic personality which means she doesn’t know what she is doing yet she is terrorizing the people around her.

Her subject name is Patient #A191 but her real name is Marceline Feaster. Terrorizing isn’t her intention all along. She just does it for fun but her real intention… is to find her parents. Her supernatural powers are to induce fear to the hearts of to those who look into her pure black eyes and you will see your greatest fear once you do. She has invisible tendrils from her back that could cut metal like paper. She is just a little girl but remember, looks can be deceiving.

“Patient #A191 has escaped sir!” one has shouted

Then there were alarms and red lights all around the place.

“Send the guards to her now!”

Marceline stepped out of her cell and then…


They shot Marceline all at once but her tendrils deflected the bullets. Closer and closer she steps as her laugh becomes more and more hysterical. Then the guards became nervous and looked into her eyes then all of them panicked. She just walked past them slashing her tendrils through their necks to cut off their heads. More guards were sent but Marceline is around in the darkness running and laughing like a child.

“What was that? Where is she?”

She pounced one of them from behind then ripped off his intestines and used them to strangle him. They shot at her firing but the tendrils… still her defense.

She pounced the other guard then ate his throat and swallowed it laughing then thrust her tendrils through their stomachs. Finally she has escaped the prison then went to her parents which is a very, very long way to go. With her red dress and her teddybear together they will find home once again…

“Daddy… mommy… I will be home soon, just wait for me,” said Marceline.

  • Puddin Tane

    Nightwriter, your story would be better if you took your time writing it. This is too rushed and sloppy. It doesnt make sense. Youre struggling to put together a goid story but you need to slow down a bit. Keep trying, dont get discouraged.

  • Yaboi

    Embarrassing story overall, even became cringe at a point, the ideea may have been good, but the storyline, the characters were extremely out of context and overpowered, non detailed, bad writing, I really don’t like it. 3.2/10