Patchwork: The First Contract

You were just in front of your computer playing some games in a quiet night when suddenly a thunderstorm struck then hear someone knocking at the door. You were intrigued out of curiosity wondering, “Who could that be at this late hour?” which at the same time, a phone ringing. Heavy rain, knocking, and ringing all at once in a late night, you go answer the call and a dark cold voice says, “I’m outside and inside…” then hangs up.

You get paranoid, not wanting to open the door. The paranoia suddenly gives winds of whispers in your ears, or perhaps it’s just all in your head? You shake your head and stood up on your own feet then walked to the knocking door. You open the door when suddenly no one was there in front of you. You sigh of relief, you close the door and walk behind you but what stopped you? There was someone behind you!

His name was Patchwork and he came to take your life. Not a quick death but a slow and painful death. He has a stitched up smile beside his mouth across his cheeks and wears a black hood over his head. You were terrified of the fear he will take your life. You run outside the door but it leads you back inside. You try again and succeed going outside. You run further and further but the further you run away the louder he laughs a devilish voice. Then suddenly he appears right in front of you out of nowhere somewhere you turn back then there he is again behind you!

You asked shouting, “What do you want?! Why won’t you leave me alone?”

He replies, “What do I want? A sacrifice for the tall faceless man of course and there’s no use running pretty boy, you’re just going around circles.”

“What?” you ask to yourself and you’re back outside your house, “I don’t understand how I’m running.”

That’s because Patchwork is the master and you’re the puppet, he pulls the strings and you dance.

Finally you get killed.

And that’s how your life ends by the hands of Patchwork but his work is not over yet, he still has more targets to take life for he is the harbinger of death.

“Now who will be my next target, this is gonna be fun!” says Patchwork, “if I keep this up my master will give me more cigarettes, he! He! He!”

  • KoreanLotion

    This is a piece of shittt

  • Rose Morrison

    A good premise, but such poor spelling and grammar it is almost unreadable. The random tense changes do this piece no favours either. It needs more to it, expand the story and edit it properly, then you would have an improved piece. I hope to see more from you.

  • Jerry Gustafson

    I agree with Rose. I like the idea, the grammer problems took away from the story. Good start, but it felt like a rushed ending.