Olivia Miller, a 17 year old girl with long brown hair, was a quite popular girl in school. Her classmates respected her and she had many friends. Of course there were some people who couldn’t stand her, but they never bothered her too much.

One day, when she was wearing her favourite ripped jeans with a white belt and a casual blue top with a Smiley on it, Anita Blake came up to her. Olivia and Anita never really liked each other, but Anita always seemed to hate Olivia more.

Anita had short, light brown hair and was wearing her black glasses, almost hiding the eyebags under her eyes, jeans that seemed too big and a casual black T-shirt. To most of the kids in the class, she was a weird person.

“Not around your friends today, hm?” asked Anita with a grumpy frown.

” Yes…?” answered Olivia confused.

Anita gave Olivia a fake seeming smile, stepped a little closer and said, “Did they stop liking you?”

Olivia stepped back, as Anita was already in her personal zone, and didn’t respond. Of course her friends still liked her, but right now Olivia didn’t have the nerve to answer Anita.

Suddenly, Anita had tears in her eyes and stared at the wall behind Olivia while looking angry and disgruntled. She didn’t react to the things going on around her, but after a while she noticed that Olivia gave her a confused, even a little bit worried, look. Anita turned embarrassed around and sat back down on her Seat.

The rest of the day went on normally and Olivia didn’t cross Anita’s path, or Anita’s stare, again.

In the afternoon Olivia started messaging her friends to hang out, but all of them declined as they were busy.

Then Olivia got a message from an unknown number.

“Your friends left you too, didn’t they?” it said.

Instead of answering the question, she replied with, “Who are you?”


Olivia sighed. How did Anita get her number? She was already about to block Anita, as a new message showed up:

“Now we could be friends, Olive.” Olivia doesn’t like when anyone who isn’t her friend uses her nickname and was already about to reply angrily, as Anita asked faster, “Wanna go on a picnic in the mountains with me?”

Olivia wasn’t sure about it. Anita has always seemed weird and she didn’t trust her, but on the other she never gave Anita a real chance and she had nothing to do that day anyway.

“Okay. When?” typed Olivia

“8 pm. We will watch the sunset together.”

Olivia got nervous, but also a bit excited. Maybe it’s going to be a nice evening, after all they never had a real conversation with each other, they might actually get along well.

7 pm Olivia started walking to the mountain. When she arrived, a little bit sooner that 8 pm, Anita was already sitting on a cozy blanket, with a basket next to her. She was sitting pretty close to the edge of the mountain, one step further and you might Fall down

“Hey,” greeted Olivia Anita with a smile, but Anita stayed silent. After a few minutes, Anita took Olives out of the basket and started eating them, while quietly offering Olivia some.

Olivia smiled, took some and nodded as in giving Anita a “thank you” sign.

“The last sunset… It’s beautiful, isn’t it, Olive?” asked Anita grinning.

The last sunset? Olivia was confused yet again, but she just smiled and answered with an honest, “Yes.”

Anita stood up. Her grinning has disappeared and she started staring at Olivia.

Before Olivia got the opportunity to even understand what’s going on, Anita jumped towards her, punched into Olivia’s eyes and dragged her to the edge. Olivia screamed, struggled, and tried to flee, but she was way weaker than Anita. She could only see Anita’s, now again  a smiling face and waving at Olivia, fading in the distance as she fell down the mountain and hitting the ground.

Immense pain ran through her body. Every limp felt horrible and her head, as well as everything around her, felt numb. It was dark and the moon was hidden behind clouds.

After an hour or more, she was slowly able to stand up. Olivia noticed that she had slept in her blood. Rips and her left hand felt broken and on her entire body were bruises

All on her mind now was revenge on Anita. Slowly she started walking back into her town. Anita lived on the other side of the town as Olivia. Determined she started moving faster, hidden in night’s darkness Olivia was almost running through the town to get to Anita.

She didn’t realize where her feet were taking her, it was all automatic.

Anita’s parents weren’t at home. Olivia took a sharp knife from Anita’s kitchen and started searching for Anita’s room.

When she finally found her room and opened the door, Anita was sitting on a chair, clearly shocked and terrified about seeing Olivia, alive.

Anita started stuttering:”Olive! You’re- I’m-…”

Her voice suffocated in her own blood. Olivia has stabbed Anita with the knife. Tears were in her eyes. “I’m not Olive for you,” said Olivia cold.

Anita sunk to the floor, twitching, and slowly bled out.

Olivia looked first down at the dead Anita, then at the knife, and now understood what she has done. She had no regret but knew there will be consequences as soon as they found Anita.

She took the heavy corpse, dragged it downstairs, but it was impossible for Olivia to find a good spot to hide the body before the sun will rise.

She dropped the body again and started running. Running, wherever her feet carry her, far away from her town and trying to not get caught by the police. She took the knife with her, just as she took the amazing feeling of strength in the moment she killed Anita with her.

  • Lily

    It’s a good story

  • Puddin Tane

    This story is all over the place. Past tense and present tense mixed in the same sentences. Grammar usage really not adequate. If you’re going to write a story, S!L!O!W! D!O!W!N!!!!!!!!!!! Read your story as you’re going along. Remember, if it doesn’t make sense to you, IT WON’T MAKE SENSE TO THE READER!