Nothing’s Wrong With Me

“Over the years, how many times have you been told you were crazy? Or have been told you were a psycho?”

“I lost count. Doctors gave up on me. My many therapists gave up on me, friends gave up on me, my girlfriend gave up on me, even my own family gave up on me.”

“Have you given up on yourself?”



“Because I know there’s nothing wrong with me.”

“Eric, you know you have been described to be schizophrenic? And you’re good at manipulating others, you’re also a compulsive liar at times, and you do have violent outbursts.”

“Well, they’re wrong about me. Those doctors don’t know S**T about me! They want my money so they can give useless pills that supposedly help!”

“Let’s talk about how you got that sum of money, your parents and younger sisters died in a house fire? Now, how did that fire start, Eric?”

“How should I know? I wasn’t home. I was with my girlfriend and friends!”

“Reports say the fire started in the living room. The gas fireplace was left on.”

“That’s not my fault. My dad probably left it on because he always leaves it on. I don’t know how many times I came home from school and no one was home, and the fire was going! Hell, we had to change the hardwood out one time because it got burned!”

“We both know that’s a lie, Eric. Your mother cleans a lot. She cleans the fireplace more so because of her allergies. The only fingerprints found on the fireplace’s starter was your own. Care to explain?”

“I don’t have to explain s**t to you! I wasn’t home! My family’s death was an accident! I had nothing to do with it! This is stupid, and you know it!”

“Why are you getting mad?”

“Because you know why, Ian!”

“You still blame me for our family’s death, and you can’t admit you did it?”


“Yes, I started it but not the fire but because I told you to. Yes, I was there, yes, I was taunting you, but I didn’t touch the starter, you did when the other voices were screaming at you to stop! I was the one there guiding you along.”

“Shut up! Just shut up! This is all your fault!”

“HA! Look at yourself brother! Without me and the other voices, you wouldn’t have anyone! Your family, your friends, and your girlfriend were just in your way! They had to go!”

“That doesn’t mean we had to kill them!”

Ian’s sickening laugh rings out in Eric’s head, the other voices hide in the dark. Eric’s hands start to shake as he dropped the knife. The five bodies of his friends and girlfriend were all lined up in front of him all tied in chairs, their throats cut from ear to ear like a wide ugly smile, their dead fish eyes looking in different directions but not at him.

“You said it yourself they gave up on you, they were going to hurt you over and over again! It was you or them! I wasn’t just going to stand by watching my brother being used by hateful people!”

“Ian… They didn’t have to die. Mom and dad, Madeline and Adele didn’t have to die… They were family and friends!”

“BOOHOO! None of them gave a damn about you! Our family sure the hell didn’t give a damn about me! They forgot about me! You know, the son that died! The son they never talk about! We were twins! Womb brothers! But that didn’t matter! Do you think they wouldn’t turn their backs on you? HA! They let me die! They’ll do the same to you!”

“It wasn’t their fault!”

“YES, IT WAS! They were too busy focusing their attention on that brat Madeline! You tried telling them I was walking away did they do anything? NO! They told you ‘not now honey!’ I was seven-years-old, and I died because of our stupid parents caring more about our little sister! They let your best friend die… Then they were going to send you away for being crazy... I wasn’t going to let them do that to you, Eric! And do you really think your friends or girlfriend would stop them?! NO! They’ll let you go! They weren’t going to save you!”

Eric slides down the wall feeling the tears welling up. Remembering the sounds of the car coming to a screeching halt, the sounds of Ian’s small screams of pain, his blood forming a pool around his body, his parents screaming for help, people calling 911, then his parents yelling at Eric for not telling them that Ian was walking away when he did tell them! The feeling of the tears went away, but the feeling of hate and anger came over him. Ian grinned with pleasure.

“I wasn’t going to leave you behind, brother. I knew mom and dad would betray you too as they did me. And again, for your so-called friends they would do the same. You just need me and the voices.”

“Ian, are we okay?”

With a small chuckle, Ian smiled. Eric stood up and picks the bloody knife back up.

“There’s nothing wrong with us. Nothing’s wrong with you. And nothing’s wrong with me. Now let’s try again but don’t get so mad this time, we need to get our story straight, and we also need to come up with another story for the murders of these five. Stay calm this time, okay.”

  • Jacqueline Williams

    Loved it…….Geeat job !

  • Teron Teron