No Tomorrow

Today was a really long day for me. Woke up at 7 a.m. Had some breakfast and went to the school but weird things start from here actually. I was driving car and somethings were wrong on the street. I am living here for 10 years now and I am pretty sure the shopping center wasn’t here.

Anyway I kept move on and arrived to the school. At least I thought so… But it wasn’t there. I was shocked. I tried to find some people. But I couldn’t it looked I was alone there. Anyway I drove my car and move on and I realized something when I saw the shopping center again.

Town was changing. It was like a living creature. Tried to find an exit. At the end I gave up. Stopped my car left it and last thing I remember was crying like crazy. While I was crying, I heard a voice. It only said one sentence and it was, ”There is no tomorrow for you.” I didn’t believe that. I started a new series called, ”Friends”. I probably slept I was watching that and having a nightmare right now.

Author’s Note: Hello. This is my first time writing a creepypasta story there are probably a lot of  grammar mistakes and like I said I am an amateur sooo it is probably not that good. Still  I hope you liked it and thanks for reading.

  • Piyathida Pranomsri

    Interesting!!! 😀I can’t wait for new chapter!! 😱

    • yusufonurt

      Thank you for reading and this. Awesome comment ☺️☺️. I hope you enjoyed it

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    There wasn’t really any depth to this. I feel like I’m reading the Sparknotes. Try to put more detail and layering into your work (especially if you want it to be dramatic or emotion-invoking.) Also, always make sure you proofread your story before publishing it. You want to put your best product publicly available, not a mediocre rough draft. To be honest, I don’t really understand the story. Why did a store magically show up and the school disappeared? In what ways was the town “alive?” It needs more description.

    • yusufonurt

      Thanks for helping like I said I’m a rookie about this and I needed this help if there will be a second story.☺️ I hope you read next one also and critic that’s how I can find my mistakes and correct in the next one after that.😂😂

  • Advice from a pizza

    Grammar aside, this was all over the place with no focus. Just so I’m clear: The protagonist was heading to school, but then they noticed the absence of people, got freaked-out and tried to find some, but realized the “town” was alive, tried to escape it but couldn’t, so they abandoned their car, then heard a voice, yet escaped somehow on foot to their home and decided to watch an episode of Friends, concluding the whole ordeal was a bad dream? It’s confusing and the final bit makes no sense.

  • Puddin Tane

    English is obviously not your language. This is very confusing and I only just started reading. So I’m gonna give it 3 stars on account of that.