No Adults Allowed

“And they have to be in bed by eight.” Mrs. Iplier said to the teen.

“Yes m’am.” Kacey said with a small salute.

“Alright and I’ll be back by ten”

“Ok see you then!”

Then the parent left the teen alone to babysit the twin girls. She then followed the list and sent the girls to bed at eight. Half an hour later, she made herself a sandwich. A b.l.t without the tomato. Right when she went to take her first bite, she heard the girls call for her.
“Kacey Kacey there a boy in the closet!!!”
Kacey rushed upstairs and burst into the room.


They both pointed at the closet.

The teen peeped inside to see nothing.

“Uhhh.. there is nothing there.”

“He’s in there though!”

“Must be your imagination,go back to sleep”

The twins begrudgingly agreed and went back to sleep.

Kacey looked back as she shut the door, then returned to her sandwich.

As soon as the door was closed, the boy returned.

“Why are you afraid? I only want to play a game! Do you want to play?” The boy said.

“Game?” One of the twins asked.

Kacey jumped when she heard a thud. She rushed back upstairs to check on the girls. She opened the door to see the twins had gone missing. Suddenly she was it on the head from behind and was pushed into a world of darkness.


Mrs. Iplier arrived at home and knocked on the door.

No answer.

She tried again.

Still no answer.

She sighed and got her key out to unlock the door.

When she looked into the room she screamed.

On the ground, lay the babysitter with a streak of blood that headed up to the bedroom. And above her, written in her own blood, “NO ADULTS ALLOWED”

“Oh, mama! Your home!”

  • Mikel

    Am I dumb, I dont get it

  • Emi2018

    It was a good beginning but you really need to elaborate

    • Alex Bauschard

      I agree I was a bit lost but a good starting point for the story in the beginning though.

  • Adam Warlock

    Oh…boy… Where to begin.. You know what I’m not going to begin at all other than to say this story didn’t work for me