Nightmares Await

There was once a man named Travis. Travis was a 16-year-old boy, who worked at the nearby gas station.

One day, while he was working, he started feeling dizzy, like if he was going into the nether in Minecraft. His friend Mike, who worked next to him, told him to take a break.

Travis nodded as he stumbled to the break room. As he got there, he sat down and held his head, closing his brown eyes.

He soon fell asleep but, he didn’t have dreams. He saw that he was in a closed Carnival. He looked around as he saw shadow figures come towards him, singing “Don’t try to escape. We will always find you. We know where you live. We know everything.”

He was scared out of his mind now. He just wanted to run away. He was scared because it seemed so… real.

He finally had the courage to run, he ran out of the Carnival, but as he was out, he was now in a hospital. He looked around and saw an Insane as Hell person, trying to drug him.

Travis then managed to get out, he heard a voice saying, “You will never wake up. You will be in nightmares for the rest of your life. Have fun playing with Life and Death.”

Travis growled as he kicked a building but yelped as the now pain he was in. It wasn’t just from the building through. It was also because he was now drugged by something… that made him light as air. He looked around before his vision suddenly got cloudy. He then shut his eyes.

Travis opened his eyes a little while after that, but was now in an abandoned school. It has broken windows, unsafe flooring, normal abandoned stuff.

He walked around carefully before seeing a little girl, running around. “Hey! Come back!” Travis yelled as he ran towards the girl.

He found her in an old gym, but something seemed off. He looked around and saw messages on the walls like, ‘Darkness come from you’ and ‘Don’t worry, you’ll be fine if you don’t wake up’

Travis quickly turned towards the girl, who had the look of insanity in her eyes. She giggled like a madman as she stared at him “Sanity is so stupid. Maybe you should be insane too! Maybe I could make you more pretty. Like getting a makeover…” Her voice suddenly got dark and demon like “FROM HELL!”

Travis started to run away from the little girl but was pulled back by someone, who looked like his sister… that died 3 years ago. Travis stared at her “Tanya? Is it you?” He asked before getting thrown to the wall.

He felt the breath getting knocked out of him. He tried grasping for air, but couldn’t. He struggled to get up, but was injected with a black and red liquid “Sweet nightmares,” he heard before passing out. 

It was 5 hours before Travis woke up again… but he felt different. He looked around and saw that he was back in the break room. He walked over to the bathroom and looked at himself. His eyes widen as he saw a black design on his face, like a skull. His brown hair was now a flame red. His brown eyes, now gray and somewhat fogged up. But the things that scared him most, were his now pale skin, sharp claws and the sharp teeth he now had.

He ran out the backdoor as he ran to his other sister’s house. Before he knew it, he saw her, drawing in her notebook. When she saw him, she screamed before running inside.

Travis ran with her inside Wait MaKenzie!” He yelled but as soon as he did, he was stabbed in the shoulder. He didn’t feel it,  but he just laughed as he grabbed the knife out of his shoulder. He threw it and looked at his sister.

He sighed “I guess I need to get you back for this” he said as he grabbed a pair of sharp scissors, the ones mostly used for sowing, and he took them apart, making two parts.

He smirked as he stabbed both sides of her head, then her heart, killing her. He then liked the feel and everything about killing. He laughed as he put the scissors back together, saying “Insanity is better than Sanity, and no one, is safe from nightmares.”

He then grabbed a match from his pocket and burned the house down, along with her neighbors. He walked away, and into the park, where he went into the woods, saying “My name is now Nightmare. No one can escape me,” he said, going into the woods, with the police following him.

  • Stephen White

    The f**k . . .

  • Touka

    Awsome, i wanna be the nightmare to 😀