Night with the Dead

When I awoke my ears heard no sound
And my body was lying flat on the ground.
Darkness was all I could see
And I couldn’t wiggle free;
From the compressed dwelling I was in.
I wondered what sin
Had led me here;
To a shelter with a roof spilling sand on my face and making me tremble with fear.
The roof was made of wood
So was the rest of my new abode.
With every passing second the air became scarce
And my heart began to race.
I banged on the ceiling
And more sand began spilling;
Into my mouth, ears and nose.
If I could, I would have rose.
I racked my brain for a reason
Of why I am stuck in this suffocating prison.
That is when a thought
Brought back to my conscious all I had forgot.
I owed a huge debt
To a man who has a temper of a shark stuck in a net.
He sent for his goons;
Who had bodies that were as hard as steel spoons.
They brought me to him.
His face was grim;
When he asked for his money.
His face became more gruesome when I told him I don’t even have a penny.
Now I know where my body is laid
Because the last words of this man have started echoing in my head.
He had stared at me with fury and said,
“For your stupidity boy, you will spend a Night with the Dead.”