Night Light

I was taking medication that made me dizzy, drowsy, and gave me hallucinations sometimes. It was awful, and I should have told someone, but I was worried about being an inconvenience so I stayed quiet. I should have said no when the doc asked to switch to a stronger dosage, but it was too late. See, I was taking medication for anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, a not so great combination. The problem that night, was I couldn’t remember why. Why was I sad? Why did I need to take these pills before bed? I sat for about twenty minutes before I pressed the pills to my mouth, hesitantly chugging them down with some orange juice that had been sitting out for two hours. I went back to my phone after that, checking Twitter and Instagram because I wanted to be social media famous. I was a little annoyed being awake at 7am, because my roomate, Kat, always went to bed around 3am, so by this time she was mad snoring. I tried to ignore it, and focus on the cheesy night lights hanging in the room, the sounds of rain, and wet road being driven on outside. For some reason the sound of rain gave me such inner peace, usually it did for Kat too. She and I were best friends, so close we were on the same wavelength sometimes. She was my long lost sister, and I was her annoyingly hilarious sidekick. I shook off my sentimental thoughts of her, and went back to my phone. I made a few sophomoric tweets about how I wanted to eat sushi off of ¬†Ezra Miller, then chucked my phone on the ground, feeling ready for a round two of sleep. I slammed my head against my pillow, feeling thoroughly exhausted from my meds, and closed my eyes. As I drifted off to sleep I thought about Kat again, how close we were…! Just then my eyes shot open in horror, and I remembered. I remembered why I was taking that medicine, I remembered why I had anxiety and depression. Kat was dead. She had died a year ago in a car accident, that killed her instantly. I had struggled with wanting to stay alive, and being able to function ever since. As my mind snapped back into reality, I started to hear the snoring again. Chills ran down my spine, as I slowly turned around to see who, or what, was making the noise. What I saw…I will never forget.

  • Ray Ramirez

    This was good, should do a sequel.

  • SkullNboNes

    Nice, I loved it!