Never Work the 3:00am Shift

About 2 years ago I worked at a 24 hour supermarket. My shift was from 12 am to 5 am. I got $10 an hour and worked from Saturday to Tuesday every week. It sucked but it’s what payed my apartment bills. One night, I was working at 3:00am and this Sketchy guy walked in. “Where’s the uh, um, deli?” He asked me in a slurred way. We had a deli in the back of the store that my friend Mikey worked at. “In the back.” I responded. The man walked off and I went back to playing games on my phone. No one comes to a supermarket at 3:00am. It’s usually people who buy energy drinks and stuff like that. About five minutes later a forgot about the guy when I got a text from Mikey. “That guy’s weird right”

“Yeah he’s weird” I responded. I heard Mikey scream and I ran over to the Deli. He was bleeding from his head pretty bad. A huge vent was open, meaning the man must have crawled through. I heard footsteps behind me and saw the man from earlier holding a wrench. I tackled him and took the wrench from him and knocked him out. I called the police and my manager. I was moved to morning shifts and got a $5 raise. I hope that guy is locked up and never sees the daylight again. Mikey had to get stitched up, and changed jobs. No crazies come during the day at least.