Never Look Back

I am an independent person and I stopped living with my parents a few years ago. As I am a young man, I was having trouble with my funds for the rent of my old house, so I decided to move to a much cheaper house. The cheap house was full of cockroaches, insects and the walls looked like they were scratched by someone’s nails and the house had this disgusting smell in every room.

I cleaned everything, unpacked my things, used the room freshener and of course got ready for bed as I was pretty much tired. As usual, I woke up in the morning and went to the bathroom to get fresh. Suddenly, I felt like someone was watching me while I was brushing my teeth.

I was way too afraid to look back, but I did it and saw nothing. No one was there! It reminded me of my childhood when I used to get these creepy dreams where I used to look back and I used to see a dark figure coming to kill me and then I used to wake up with a shock. The nightmares stopped when I reached fifteen. I went to work and came back, as I was pretty tired I decided to sleep.

Something triggered me to wake up at 3 A.M. It was pitch black, there was nothing there. I waited for my eyes to set in and suddenly I see that same dark figure looking at me with his red eyes. After that, I turned back and saw that it wasn’t really only one dark figure, but there were lots of dark figures looking at me. It was just… hard to move. I felt like giving up, but then without noticing I just drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in the morning, but then I thought that maybe it was just a dream? As usual I got out of my bedroom and I see everything just thrown away, the walls were messed up with the pentagon signs and there was a message on every walls of my house. The message was, “You have five days to give up your soul or else you will face the consequences.”

After that, there was only one thing left. The only one thing was that to look for help to remove these entities from this house. I decided to look into the history of this house and the most weird thing was that the first owner of the house suicided with the cross holding it upside down. It was said that the first owner was in a satanic cult and had weird noises coming out from his house.

However, one member of his family was still alive. It was his brother, who lived somewhere near my area. I decided to give him a visit. His house was really creepy, the house looked like it was going to break and the paintings were just messed up. I knocked on the door as it had no door bell and a young girl opened the door saying, “Hello, how may I help you?”. I said, “I am looking for the owner of this house, may I talk to him?” She said, “Sorry to say, but the owner of this house died just yesterday!”

I was surprised, the terrible experience just happened yesterday and yet his brother just died yesterday? I go back to my home, it was late. It was nearly 12 A.M. and I did not want to go back to my bedroom. I drifted off to sleep on the dining table, once again I woke up at 3 A.M. and I hear a soft whisper saying, “You have 4 more days, give up your soul or else you will face the consequences.”

I did not really know what to do, but maybe there was a way? I called a team of paranormal investigators. I welcomed them to my house, they had all the stuff that a paranormal investigator should have. The team had one medium while the other two were just investigators. The medium suddenly started walking around the house, and suddenly the medium fainted. The other investigators woke the medium up and the medium said, “This house is full of dark entities and the only thing you have left is an exorcism of this house. The demon is hungry for souls and he is also taking the help of the dark entities to scare you more so that you give up your soul to the demon.”

The medium left in a hurry, so did the investigators. It was night-time again, and I again drifted off to sleep on the dining table as I once again did not want to use the bedroom. Just like yesterday, I woke up again at 3 A.M. with a soft whisper saying, “You have 3 more days, give up your soul or else you will face the consequences.”

I wasted the last 2 days just thinking about what to do and now it was the final day. I heard there was a church nearby that has a priest that does exorcism for free without any cost. I decided to contact that priest and that priest agreed to come.

When, the priest entered the house. The temperature in the house dropped, it was very cold and again it went up. The temperature kept changing, but then the priest started blessing the house. Suddenly, an unseen force pushed the priest and that priest flew away and then he hit the wall really hard. The priest got up and said, “The exorcism has to be performed today! The entities have grown stronger and take this cross it will help you until I get prepared for the exorcism.”

I was so scared, I was just holding the cross. I could hear noises saying, “Give up your soul! Give up your soul! Give up your soul!” But then I drifted off to sleep and the cross fell off my hand. I woke up and it was pitch black, once again I see those dark figures looking at me but this time something that was not human appeared. It had an animal like figure, it was saying, “You did not give up your soul, now face the consequences of coming with me to hell” with a creepy laughter he pushed me against the wall and then tried to choke me to death but the priest arrived at the correct time.

The priest came in with 4-5 men and the exorcism started. The priest started saying the prayers while the 4-5 men were in a circle and I decided to join them too. All the furniture in the house were getting thrown away, I could hear weird noises too, but I just decided to close my eyes and repeat what the priest said. Just then that creature came in and tried to choke the priest, but one of the man in the circle broke the circle and jumped on the demon, but after that I fainted.

I woke up in a hospital and I see the priest. The priest said, “I am sorry to say, but the exorcism was not successful so you will have to move out from your house, but the good news is that the man who left the circle and jumped on the demon sacrificed his soul, so you will not have to give up your soul to the demon anymore.”

I was relived, but then again it was a really horrible experience for me. I just moved away from that house, but thinking about that man who gave up his soul for saving me was really heroic and kind of him. I pray for that man everyday so that his soul rests in peace, but does it? I will never forget this horrible experience and it will always live with me forever.