The Forgotten

It started on the 6th February 2017
The body of a young 26 year old female was found in a pitch black alley down the side of Westfield drive, the body was found decapitated clean off like it was sliced by some Razor like sharp object made from metal, just then there was a phone recording of the murder this is what it reads.

It’s the night of the big party! Can’t wait for it to go down all my friends will be there it is going to be so fun!

Driving in my new car I hope that it gets there fast becouse I am nearly late, the time was at least 20:56 so I better get there fast.

Just then… I got into a small gloomy car park with no one around the car park was free so it was a bit of a surprise, just then over by one of the metal railings a dark black shadow moved at lightning speed, I thought to my self that it was just some person around here as well.

I walked all the way to the place we where meeting up it started off great some drinks and some more but then after what had only been 5 minutes the party was over.

When I was making my way back to my car there was another car there and coming out of it was a man dressed in black he turned to me and said “hello isn’t it a bit derelict here?”. I said “yes it quite is isn’t it, bit scary as well haha”.

The man went to the other side of his black car then pulled something out it was a baby boy in his car seat then he said “where just going home now there is too many cars in our street so we where forced to come here a bit of a shame really but luckily we live by here”.

We both waved and I got into my car as they walked down the street in front of me was the same dark figure but instead of running he just looked he stood there watching and waiting in the dim light of the street lamp just then… All the lights went out in the car park and on the road near by then suddenly they came back on after about 10 seconds but something was not right the figure was not in the same corner but closer to me the lights went out then I could hear the footsteps walking up towards me faintly the figure was no where to be seen I quickly looked behind me and shouted “HELP!”.

there was no reply from the man he was so far down the road that he was practically invisible on the side of the road.

Then all of the sudden my heart sank deep with in my soul the lights came back on… And the dark figure once standing near me was closer so close that I got into my car and started the ignition it turned on instantly like it knows what’s going on the man started to run at me with fast speed and ability.

By the time he reached where the car was he was gone I made my way home pulled up in my drive way and rushed in I didn’t know if he followed me or not I locked every window and door possible to get in then I went to my room and tried to get to sleep.

Then I got woke up with a sudden CRASH at my gate I looked out of the window and there he was looking at the front of the house then he started to turn up so I quickly shut the curtains in my room before he could see then.

He tried and tried to get in my house banging, crashing and slamming the door but it was of no use the door was just too steady and big. The man after many more attempts to get in broke the doors lock and ran in he was as agile as a cheetah ready to kill he walked around the house slowly stalking in the corners but then as I heard the creeky floor board bending under the weight of him I knew that I was only a amount of time til the end of me.

He walked up the stairs really aggressive and slammed the door open in the room.

There he was a tall, black and dark figure standing there I quickly backed up in to a corner and then opened a window as I feared he would get me i jumped out but it was useless he grabbed my clothes and then everything went black.

I woke up in a alley and there he was with a knife in his hand it was specially sharpened for killing he approached but I was stuck solid as a rock, nothing would get me out he approaching me with the blade to his side walking saying “no one can hear you now, and nobody will ever heat you again!”.

He swung at me I was froze in fear and terror then suddenly everything went black and white, the colour drained from my eyes, I got cold as well as tied so I shut my eyes and never woke up again.


  • Ben S.

    The plot is good but due to lack of punctuation and Grammer issues, it ruined the flow of the story. You had the right idea and I still enjoyed the story! Work on punctuation and Grammer and your next story will be perfect!

  • Avi

    When u said No one can “hear you no one will every Heat you ageen” Did u mean Hear?

  • Simon

    And she wrote all this? On a phone, no less? While being DEAD?

  • Arianna Jones

    Plot pretty good but not scary enough for my taste.