My Summer Shakes

The last summer was a very weird and pretty creepy I was actually shocked for the whole year. So let’s get to the way it all started.

Me and my friend Joe was looking for something to bring excitement to our summer, also our last week of summer so we wanted to remember this special week. We searched through many magazines and YouTube videos to look for fun ideas to do. We then saw some ideas that would be fun cause we had wood and ducktape also some spear wheels from my dad’s old truck, so we made a goal cart to go down Wend Street. That is probably the biggest hill we can find near us.

We started to build at 1 P.M. which we thought we could build it pretty fast, but turns out we couldn’t. We finished at 5 P.M. We told Joe’s dad to drive us to the hill, he told us not to stay to long. We pulled the goal cart out of the trunk with excitement in our minded. We then both jumped into the cart and thought if we would flip.

I told Joe, “Are you sure we gonna do this?”

He replied fast, “Yeah trust me nothing will go wrong.”

We later both leaned forward to push the cart down. We were both screaming when we pushed down cause the fast speed. We both saw the that the end of the road was closed because of construction. We both screamed and turned to the right at a small dirt path leading to a big house.

After awhile the cart stopped right in front of the house. Joe told me his friends said this place was abandoned for so long and it was truly haunted. I told we should leave, but he said let’s keep going in and explore. I said, “Sure I guess.”

When we both stealthy walked up the broken old birch stairs it made cracking sounds, but that didn’t stop us. We when to the front of the door and saw that the window blinds creaked and closed again. I told Joe if he saw that.

He said, “I think you are seeing things.”

Then right after that we heard a loud scream saying sorry Jerry.

I told Joe, “Isn’t Jerry the missing kid?”

He said, “Yeah.”

I told him, “Should we leave?”

He said, “Probably a homeless person living in there trying to scare us.”

Then we opened the door slowly and walked 2 feet than I heard a bang. Right in front of me was a woman with gray skin with her necked slightly bented then she screamed something I couldn’t hear than I yelled run to Joe but he just stood there. His neck slowly turn the he started to cry blood I screamed and try to run but my leg felt a sharp pain I then I passed out.

I later woke up with the same woman right in my face. I screamed and saw her with blood dripping from her head. I started to run to the road and I looked back when I made to the road and saw her dancing toward me at a fast she was also screaming weird distorted words I couldn’t understand. Later that night I went back home seeing Joe hanged on my balcony I yelled for my mom she said, “What?”

I looked back. Joe was standing there and said, “So are we going to go on the cart”.

I said, “What?”

Then his dad picked him up. I just drank some water to get my mind of what I just went through. I later searched online about the house I just went to. A lot of people got hallucinations when they went there of the same woman. I thought for a while thinking did that just happen to me.

Now I am still pretty shocked on what happen to me that one summer.

  • Swotsy

    Could use some proofreading for grammar and spelling.

  • Kaitlyn Cota

    I don’t wanna be “that person”, but you’ve got some spelling errors as well.