My Satan Worshiping Neighbours

I’m going to let you guys know that the evil of the world is real this is a cautionary Tale. This is 100% real. Just to give some background story my name is Jupiter like the planet. My parents are Caribbean so I grew up in a spiritual background not similar to any religion you are familiar with. I am psychic and so is my husband Aaron. We met in college fell in love and decided to get married.

Seven lovely years later we decided to relocate to Virginia from North Carolina. My husband received a promotion from his job and I decided to transfer to accommodate him. We moved into a lovely two-story 5 bedroom 2 and a half bathroom home. Being the psychics we are, Aaron and I cleanse and do protective barriers around our home and property to keep evil away. We are cautious because of the hateful world we live in.

A week into our move we start meeting a few neighbors. Our neighbors are amazing. They welcomed us with pies and cakes and even a bottle of wine. One neighbor however stood on our sidewalk peering up at our home menacingly. She sent her daughter up our stairs with a casserole dish welcoming us to the neighborhood. The girl said her name was Gale and that her mother was Sandy. Both had dark hair and were curvy like me. It was odd of the woman to send her teenage daughter to greet strangers. I shook it off and Aaron and I chucked her casserole in the trash when we got inside.

Sandy gave me a weird vibe. Aaron shivered. “Sandy is a devil worshipper, you didn’t notice the pentagram tattoo on her inner wrist? That’s why she didn’t come up the stairs, our barrier is working great.” Aaron said flatly. I just didn’t want to believe that, I mean sure Sandy creeped me out a little. Maybe she hurt her leg and could not do our steps. Or she didn’t like that Aaron and I are an interracial couple. (Aaron is white, I’m black) Whatever the excuse I just couldn’t accept she might be evil.

In the following weeks Aaron and I both kept having the same dream of cloaked figures standing around our property. Aaron gets the idea to stake out Sandy’s house, he felt that our dreams are a foreboding warning of evil to come. We wear all black and hide in her back yard equipped with binoculars and ski masks. I know it sounds crazy but Aaron and I both were worried and scared. What we saw still haunts me two years later. Sandy and 4 other people we have never seen before sacrificed live chickens and smeared the blood on themselves. They looked demonic, eyes black and teeth sharp. They levitated and Aaron and I booked it. We ran through the wooded area straight to our house. Even though my culture is different I was raised to only do good things, I knew evil was out there. I would have never guessed evil was living 5 houses down.

I tell you my story so you’ll be careful. Don’t eat from others, be weary of friends, strangers and neighbors. Aaron and I stay away from Sandy and her daughter. We have put a black salt barrier around our property and we even put tar water on our windows and doors to keep evil away. A few of our other neighbors have also said Sandy is strange and they have had us do a protective barrier around their property as well. Stay cautious and keep any religious or symbolic protections around you. Beware, there is tangible evil in this world.