My Encounter with Suicide Mouse

A few months ago, I was on YouTube. I decided to look up ‘Suicide Mouse’ as I had heard about it a lot, and I thought, why not? It’s just a mouse, it can’t be that bad, but I thought wrong. I watched the video and it started out like normal, then when it started to get to the part that people talked about the most, I realised where I had gone wrong. I couldn’t close the video, pause it, skip it, I couldn’t even close the browser. So, I decided to continue watching the video, and that’s when it all began. I watched the video till the end, and then when I saw the end, I nearly cried as I saw the devil stood over my childhood friend’s body (my childhood friend being Mickey Mouse). I felt bad for Mickey and wanted to exit the video even more now, but I still couldn’t exit.

Then, the video ended and my laptop restarted. And when it had opened up, the password screen appeared, but when I tried logging in, my laptop said the password was wrong. Then I looked at the name of the profile, and it said ‘Suicide Mouse.exe’. So, using my common sense, I clicked off of it and looked for my profile, but it wasn’t there. In place of it was the suicide mouse account. So, I typed in Suicide Mouse for the password, and to my surprise, it logged in. And instead of Taron Egerton as Elton John or Freddie Mercury as the wall paper, it was ‘Suicide Mouse’. I then looked at the profile picture, and again, ‘Suicide Mouse’. I then looked in all my files, and everything was videos and images of ‘Suicide Mouse’. I then went onto Google, and where Google has been updated so you can change its background. What was once Taron Egerton as Elton John, was now Suicide Mouse. I clicked my search history, and, I wasn’t surprised by this, but the whole of the search history was ‘Suicide Mouse’. So I decided to clear the search history, everything disappeared. I then changed the background on Google back to Taron Egerton as Elton John, and then changed my desktop back to what it was and my name, password and profile picture. And because it was late, I decided to turn my laptop off.

I then woke up and it was 3 am so I grabbed my laptop and as I went to open it up. I saw someone or something stood next to my little sisters wardrobe. I got scared, but then I thought, it’s dark and I’m half asleep so I went on with opening up my laptop. And when I looked up, the figure was gone. I then looked to my left to grab my laptop charger, and there, on the floor, was two feet, wearing shoes, these were no ordinary shoes. They looked like cartoon shoes, like Disney characters wear. I then looked up, and there he was, stood in my room, ‘Suicide Mouse’. I tried to scream, but nothing cam out. I sat there, sweat dripping from my head, and as I looked closer, I saw black liquid oozing from Mickey’s eyes. I started crying as he pulled out a knife and went to stab me, but stopped. I then woke up, and it was 3 am so I grabbed my laptop, looked up, nothing was there. I looked to my left, nothing. I switched on my laptop, and there, the same profile as the day before and everything went back to the ‘Suicide Mouse’ form. I restarted my laptop, but it wouldn’t work, it came up with a black screen and some text came up saying “Never look me up again, or else, you will die.” This scared me, then my laptop went blank, then started up again and it was back to normal so I went to my search history and nothing to do with ‘Suicide Mouse’ or ‘Suicide Mouse. exe’ was in my search history. I decided to listen to the warning and not search for it again. But one day, my curiosity got the better of me and I looked him up again. A few days later, my laptop wouldn’t turn on, and, to my horror, he came out of my laptop screen even though my laptop wasn’t on. And even more scarier, I had the house to myself. Luckily for me, he didn’t stay long as I flashed a light in his face and scared him away, but he’s still out there. This is my warning to you guys out there, do not look him up twice unless you want him to get you. I was one of the lucky ones, but I’m not safe, he’s still out there and might come back for me.

So stay safe please. He might come for you, but he might not come through your computer screen, he may come through your front door or your window.

  • PurplexiaSphinx

    A word of advice… Use more of ”

    These, because it’s kinda hard to read even a short story like this when it’s a wall of text. Also, thoroughly search up the canon so you don’t get those people who rant about the tiny detail you got wrong.
    I wrote fan fiction for a while, I know this stuff. I still kinda write fanfics, but let’s face it. Canon from non-pastas is basically trying to use a cookie cutter on cake batter. You can certainly try, but the second you look away it’s gonna leak all over the place.
    The story was alright, the grammar wasn’t bad and the spelling was pretty good. But MC is seriously an idiot, if a freaking murderous Mickey tells you not to do something, you just… You just don’t.
    Must’ve been following the horror movie protagonist’s guide.