My Downloading Experience

The last time I download something from the deep web was the last time. For one I didn’t know what was going through my head doing so as the links and downloads could contain worms and viruses that could obtain personal info such as a phone number or an address that you are at or going to.

What happened that fateful day put my life and others in danger so do not attempt this whatsoever.

So here is the story.

I was only in the 12th grade when this happened so you could to I was always updating my social media aswell as going through the internet looking at strange stuff. Then near the end of the school year I saw a link on my email it linked me to a place that I on my own couldn’t remember. The link ended with /onion so I knew what I was getting into when I saw the link because as people say any link that ends with onion could link you to a hidden wiki or a deep web page or just the deep web in general. I explored around the page and downloaded the link I saw, I prayed that it wouldn’t affect the computer I had it didn’t affect me and there was some cool stuff on there too. It wasn’t anything illegal though. I did this for a while then p**f I’m in CSUN and majoring in tech.

I only downloaded links rarely ever now and I’m doing fine, but there was one link I downloaded which was the link in the title. I opened the file and it immediately closed out mailing my entire screen go black. I turned on my computer once again and a file was missing which worried me because the file had important info on it which I needed. I try recovering the file but it wasn’t in the recycle bin. I tried recovering it by downloading the same content that was on it but the content was deleted. That’s when I saw a file in my desktop called Mp3.jpg. I wondered where it came from but being the idiot I was I opened the file which was just text saying “delete delete delete” over and over.

That’s when I came across a button that said “Press me” I didn’t hesitate to press it because I not only wanted but needed more answers. The button just lead me to a page that said free drugs I tried the close button but nope, the power button, nope and then unplugging it didn’t work either. Then a video popped up saying “Turn back while you can because we know” in latin. I clicked on it and it was someone walking to a reversed melody of an old timey song I couldn’t identify.

The first minute was the camera pointing to the person’s shoes and then looked up and it appeared to be the building I was in. I started freaking out because of this and I didn’t know what to do. The next day I had the door locked so the stalker couldn’t come in. An hour later hiding I heard banging on the door and then a tune on my computer played. Like the last tune when the person was walking to my building it was reversed and I couldn’t identify it. Once again like the idiot I was I forgot to charge my phone which was terrible.

The banging stopped for a while but then only got louder and louder. That’s when the door knob began to turn and unlock but it was just my roommate unlocking the door. That’s when I asked “Did you see anyone outside the door?” he responded with no. That’s when I stopped downloading links from anywhere.

  • Edz