My Dog Won’t Let Me Sleep

It first started when we moved into my new apartment. It wasn’t very fancy, nor was it dull. It was just your average apartment complex. I had finished put down all my new furniture and headed to bed. I woke up at around 1:00 am to the sound of my dog scratching at my bathroom door. I was too tired to go shut him up, so I just let it slide and tried to go back to sleep.

However, I woke up again. My dog would not stop scratching. Since my bathroom isn’t to far from my bed, I decided to throw a pillow at my dog so that he’ll hopefully stop and just go to bed. However, my pillow hits the floor where my dog was supposed to be standing, scratching the door. I look right beside me to find out that my dog was right beside me the whole time.

  • I wish this was longer,,

  • Nancy

    Not really a story, just a concept, but good.