My Brothers Ghost

As I said in a previous post, I’m Jupiter, I’m psychic and was raised in a spiritual Caribbean religion. For those wondering about my name yes I’m named after a planet, my father and mother are both into astronomy. Part of our religion involves different realms, dimensions and astronomic theory. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York til I was 13 and my family relocated to North Carolina. I have 5 living siblings, my fraternal twin sister Moona, our older brothers that are identical twins Mars and Lars and our younger sister Star. One dead sibling a brother named Apollo who was Moona and I’s wombmate. We were triplets. My mother was blessed by a fertility priestess to have us. She was having trouble with conceiving a child after she had Mars and Lars.

Anyway one summer about a week after Apollo, Moona and I turned 8 we were running and playing in the park close to our house. Mars and Lars who were 14 were playing basketball in the court of the park and Star who was 5 was with our mom at the store buying icees and chips from the corner store. Apollo was always hard headed and loved to do whatever he pleased. He was being careless and bounced his volley ball too hard against the mailbox and it rolled into the street. Instead of waiting for our mother to get back from the store, Apollo ran after the ball and was hit by a truck.

Apollo survived but was on life support for a week. He had no brain activity and was basically dead anyways. My family was devastated. We cremated him and had a ceremony for Apollo. My parents decided to take us on vacation to try and lift our spirits. Father owned a few homes in Puerto Rico (where he is from) which he rented out. He kept one as a vacation home so we could get away. We were excited but also depressed. Mom brung Apollos ashes to scatter along the beach. We had a ceremony, us kids were blessed and protected during the ceremony. All seemed somewhat peaceful but I sensed something evil close by.

There was a witch that lived close to our vacation home. We all assumed it was a rumor but still remained cautious.

My siblings, a few cousins and I decided to go witch hunting. We went trekking through the hillside until we started seeing bones hanging from trees. Bottles tied to branches clanking in the wind. We came up on an old house that looked abandoned. We thought we were hunting witches but the witch was hunting us. Moona and I were scared so we were behind the older kids. I heard leaves rustling behind me then I felt hands grab me and pull me down to the ground. This woman was scary looking. Had painted symbols on her face. Eyes pale blue, teeth jagged and sharp nails. She told me she was gonna keep me and sacrifice me. Eat my flesh and bathe in my blood. She had my mouth covered and had me pinned down in the grass behind a huge tree.

I honestly believed I was a goner. I started praying to my ancestors and Apollo asking for help from beyond the grave. I could faintly hear my siblings and cousins calling for me. The witch laughed and said, “They will not find you, you’ll be dead soon. You kids come on my property trying to find me. I’ll show this whole island just how powerful I am.” And I began to sob. This crazy evil witch was gonna do an evil ritual for power using me as a sacrifice and was gonna eat me as well.

Just when I started to give up, I see Apollo my dead brother appear behind the witch. He smiled at me and winked. He grabbed the witch and flung her against the tree holding her by the neck several feet in the air.

I jumped to my feet and ran to find my family. I found them after a few minutes and I told them everything. We ran back to my house and I told my parents everything. We all cried and my uncles and aunts went up to that house and did some sort of ritual to keep the witch from leaving her house. To this day Apollo still comes to see me and protect me.

I tell you my story because the dead are not gone forever. Pray to your loved ones. Keep that love for them sacred in your heart. You never know when they might show up and help you out.