Murderous Love of The Twins – Prologue

“Sickness, insanity and death were the angels that surrounded my cradle and they have followed me throughout my life.”

-Edvard Munch




“And in the end, these two dangerous lovers were to be killed in battle along with the FBI agents who were on the case. It was believed that Jacob Anderson and Mary Ann Ulick were dead until there was a check in at a hospital under the name of Josie O’Brien on December 27th, two months later, but it was in fact was the unkilled Mary Ann Ulick herself, who gave birth to two beautiful daughters that night. It was found that the body who substituted for Mary Ann’s death was a worker girl named Jasmine Harriet, who was supposed to have the day off, until she saw the fight at the oil tower and decided to take a good look, until it later ended her life in the explosion. At the end of this sad story, the two daughters of Mary Ann were to grow up, being told stories of her mother and her beloved man as they went across the nation.” A teacher of an American Literature class told her student, reading from an old raggedy book in her hands.

“As time passed, so did technology, and so did the children, by the time the police connected that Mary Ann had survived, she was already on her deathbed, dying from old age. Her children, Sasha and Emilia grew up also, old enough to take care of themselves. Emilia, with her boyfriend Mason Norton, had two beautiful children, twins, named Tanya and Tyler. As for Sasha, well she went on to go to college and majored in being an author of literature and later came to be an author of a biography about her parents, Jacob and Mary Ann, ‘The Unkillables’. This is their story, passed from them to me, and now to you. One thing Mary Ann Ulick-Anderson wanted the world to know, “‘there is no love stronger than the ones from an innocent heart, but the dark hearts have a stronger will to live, to watch the light fall.”’ So long, and goodnight.” Finished the woman to her class, they all sighed in relief as it was finally over.

“So in a summary,” says one student in the third row, his brown hair curled on his head and a scar on his right cheek glowed as the lights on the ceiling poked at it. “This whole story is about a couple weirdos who were on their way here but never got here because they died?”

“Well, some believed they lived here for a little bit, but if they ever got here, they would’ve flown out of the country, and got away from the federal agents, and been free people.” There wasn’t much talk after that boy spoke, but he decided to speak again.

“Damn, talk about freaks, couldn’t they have just turned themselves in and tell the cops everything, but no they had to make it complicated and kill people.” The teacher shrugged as it was not worth it, fighting with the student. The bell rings and everyone leave before the teacher can tell them to have a great Thanksgiving break. Hours pass by and the teacher, Mrs. Baker is working still, piling papers in a pile on the top left corner of her desk. The floor creaking as the janitor walks passed her room.

“Alice?” the old man said, adjusting his glasses. “What are you doing this time of night? It’s Thanksgiving break, okay. Go and get some sleep, okay.”

“No, it’s okay Earl. I got it,” she replies to him, pulling her hair behind her head.

“Ahh it’s fine hun, get outta here. And go tell Mr. Baker I said hello.” he told her. She sighs, knowing she won’t win this argument, not like she’s ever.

“Thank you Earl,” she says, heading to the door, pausing in the doorway. “I owe you one.”

“Nah, just go and have a great Thanksgiving.” She smiles and walks out the room, down the stairs, through the corridors, and out the main doors. She walks to her car until the wind blows, flowing her hair into her face, making it impossible for her to see. The leaves rustle and the sound of night frightens her, even if she can see now that her hair is away from her face. She hurries and unlocks her car and turns it on, the headlights turn on and what she sees is what no one wants to see in their whole life. The same boy who was in the back of the room, who mocked the deceased, had a noose tied around his neck, silent, frozen, and lifeless. The silent night is broken with one scream and the caws of the raven and crows, that was once pecking the young boys deceased body apart. The next day, police detectives arrive to the scene, they have never seen anything like this, there was no DNA or evidence of any kind to say that this wasn’t a murder. The press released a new story the day after the school day, SAD STUDENT COMMITS SUICIDE it was titled, he was diagnosed with depression a year ago but it wasn’t so bad to where he would hurt himself or attempt suicide. He was always so calm and was getting over his depression. But now, he is dead.

A week passed, the funeral for the boy was made, and when school came back, the seat was empty. It wasn’t much of a difference for anyone in the classroom, but they were all still heartbroken.

  • Desereé Lizbeth Smith

    I don’t understand how the teacher could tell the students to have a Happy Thanksgiving break if it’s summer break too?
    Is this also a start of a series?