Mr. Mix Got Me…


I walked into the room with my friends. Deciding to not be a wimp, I started the game. I heard slow, distorted growls. The closest comparison would be a lion. The first words creeped me out.

The first was HE’S.

The second was COMING. My best friend Todd got creeped out when he saw this. He left the room because he felt sick. He took his things and said goodbye. He was lucky to be safe from this monster. I played the second level with the other five of us, and nothing else out of normal happened for a while. I thought “Maybe it’s a coincidence, this is a ROM and it may have been hacked by others.”I finished the second level and let Jacob play.

“Your turn Jake!” I said after I finished. I was hoping to get this done and over with. He was at the the third to last letter when the words changed:


I decided to go get a snack with Jake as he finished the level.

“Dude, that was creepy.”

“Meh, not really Matt, maybe just a glitch?” We got the Cheetos from my breakfast bar. I spoke to him about that not being normal and he gradually began to believe me.

“Okay, well, let’s just see where the other guys are at.” He said as we opened the door to a horrible, bloody mess.

“WHAT THE F**K?” We both said in shock.

We both looked at our three friends. They had been stabbed in the gut. I look over by Jake’s brother Ronnie to see a bread knife. I look in the shadow to see a figure walking out. It was Mr. Mix. We booked it up the stairs as he progressed with incredible speed.

I locked the door as we both got our shoes on and ran in the backyard. We ran into the forest chasing him. He got out the door. He looked back. Constantly shouting “I’M MR. MIX!” as he threw his knives.

“Oh s**t.” I said.

Jake got caught by Mr. Mix and got thrown into a dark bag. I went to punch Mr. Mix. He caught me. He injected me with something. He threw me in the bag and I passed out. I woke up laying down in a basement beside Jake.

Mr. Mix stabbed him in the head. Jake gurgled as I watched in horror. He died with Mr. Mix watching me with that God awful smile as he picks me up and throws me in a chair. He throws a laptop at me and tells me to type up the events that happened and as I type this, he has a knife on my neck and is watching what I type. The f**k there is blood there is blood on my f*****g neck.

He’s in the basement right now. I watch him. I want you to join too.