Mr. Hunt Part 3 – The Childhood

The room was silent, four men stood there replaying the tape in disbelief. The chief ran his mouth with logical conclusions but no one listened to him. All they could concluded, however, was that half the squad was dead. The four men stood there silently still watching the tape as if they missed anything, but on the inside they were all panicked and horrified. What caused this? The other half would never know.

Now let’s start at the beginning.

It’s winter in Connecticut, the chilled air and the white winter snow layered the ground. The trees lost their leaves, the roads have a sheet of ice, and the sky was a dismal gray. The flowers were hidden under the snow as were the grass.

Officer Sofret was on patrol that day. She was tall with short brown hair and hazel eyes driving in a patrol car going 60 down the road. The year was 1965. She was one of the 5 police officers that where in the town. She rode down casually on the road she drove down many times before. On her left was a little plain of grass which was sparkling from the snow. On her right was a metal barbed-wired fence that was set up 20 ft from a forest. This forest in particular had no specified name, it was just considered The Forest. What made this forest so closely guarded was ancient rumors of people wandering in and never coming out. Of course she never believed the old stories, but looking at the 4 1/2 mile stretch of fence made it very unconvincing. She gave the plain another glance, the top of the blades poked out of the snow. It was a beautiful sight to her, but she got back to the road and continued to travel to the office.

The road was cold and the car had little anti-freeze. Despite that the car belonged to the Police Force, budget cuts were made. Anyways she travelled down the road to her office. She went into the city limits and greeted the children at play. There was much to be excited about, she would file in another report, get back in her car, and be done with her shift. That was all she needed to do for today and after she could finally get some rest. She made her way to the parking lot and parked. The car sat perfectly between the lines. She opened the door and got out her paperwork that was ready to be turn in. She grabbed the paper and started to walk to the front door.

She took no time at all put her hand on the knob of the glass door. She went to open the door but slipped landing face first into the door. The Secretary which had blonde hair and blue eyes jumped up and rushed to helped her.

“Oh my! Are you ok, Scarlet?”

“Yeah I’m fine. Thanks Joice.”

“It looks like some ice formed here overnight. Hey what’s that?”

Then she noticed her paperwork and panicked,”No, no, no, no, no! My report! I dropped it into the snow.”

“Well that’s a shame.” she said as she helped gather the files.

“Just great, now I’ll need to stay after.”

“Maybe I can find something to help fix this?”

“Thanks Joice but you’ll helped me enough. I’ll get this fixed myself.”

Officer Sofret took the wet files and walked to her office. She opened up the door and sat at her desk. She reached underneath and grabbed out her typewriter. She took the heavy machine and plopped in on her desk and started to retype the entire report.

It wasn’t until around 5:30pm, 1 hour later, she was finished with the report, although it wasn’t as good as the original. She sighed as she turned it in to the Secretary. Afterwords she stepped outside minding the ice that was in front of the door and entered her patrol car. She started the engine and drove out of the parking lot, then the street. Officer Sofret was exhausted from all the work she had to do. She drove out of the small town heading into the outskirts to her lovely home. Yet again she drove down the one long stretch of road that bordered the fencing of The Forest. Every time she drove down she always looked at The Forest and wondered. The fence that bordered it seemed to be overkill but then there was barbed-wire on top of the fence and caution signs that shown up often. Whatever was in that forest it better been worth the cost. As her car ran down she spotted someone near the fence on the side of the road. She slowed the car and saw a little old lady.

She passed the old women then did a huge U-turn and headed back. She stopped the car near the old women and rolled down her window.


The lady didn’t turn to speak to her, she continued to stare into The Forest.

“Hello? Miss?” Sofret said with a louder tone.

The lady then turned around slowly, “hmm?”

“Hello, Miss?”


“I see that you are standing out here alone. Is there a problem?”

The women then wobbled closer to the window and said,”What was that dear? I have trouble hearing.” she said in a sweet voice.

Sofret leaned her head a little out the window,”I asked if there was a problem, ma’am.”

The women gave a kind gesture and said,” Oh no, there isn’t a problem here.”

“Then why are you all alone by this fence?”

“I am here to see my brother.”


“Yes indeed, I’ve haven’t seen him in years and came to give him a visit.” she said simply.

“Well madam, you do realize your heading into a restricted area.”

“I am?”

“Yes ma’am.”


“Ma’am does anyone know your here?”

“Hopefully my brother knows that I am here to visit.”

” Right.” she said with a sigh,”Ma’am do you need a ride?”

“Well yes, that would be so kind of you.”

Officer Sofret exited the car and opened the door for the little old lady.

The women then crawled into the back of the patrol car and sat there with a cheerful look.

Sofret then got back into her patrol car and headed back to the Police Station. She yet again had to drive down the streets. Sofret opened the door for the old women and she got out of it with a smile. After she took the women by the hand and guided her through the front door once more minding the ice. They made their way to the front desk. “Hello Scarlet. Back so soon?”

“Hi Joice, do you know when Officer Brandit will get here?”

“He should be here around 6:15.”

“Thanks Joice.”

They started down the hallway to her office.

“Excuse me.” said the little old women.


“Your name is Scarlet, yes?”

“That’s right”

“Scarlet. what a beautiful name. I wish I had a name like that.”

“Do you now? Well do you mine if I ask what your name is?”

“Not at all, my name is Azyshta.”

“Azys- huh?”

“Azyshta. I gave myself that name, and soon everybody was calling me by that. I loved the way it sounded, but soon I had to leave and every forgot about little ol’ me.”

“Well ma’am, I assure that we will find someone to pick you up. Do you have any relatives?”

“Only my poor dear brother.”

“Yeah, earlier you said you were going to visit him?”

“Yes I was.”

They got to the end of the hallway where Sofret got out her keys and unlocked the door and turned on the lights.

“Well ok then… Anyways have a seat and an officer will be here shortly to pick you up, ok?”

“I understand, but will I get some time to visit my brother?”

“Yes ma’am.”

The old women sat down on one of the two chairs next to her desk. Then Sofret exited the office and told the Secretary that she was in her office for Officer Brandit. She told her this not 2 minutes later Officer Brandit walked into the front office. He was tall and chunky with brown hair and beard. He wore glasses and a big yellow tie. He stood there waiting for someone to explain whatever he walked into. The secretary said,” Hello Mr. Brandit, there is someone waiting in Mrs. Sofret’s office for you.”

“Thank you Mrs. Dorren, I will be there shortly.”

“Could you identity her?” Sofret said.

“Sure thing.”

Officer Sofret went out of the building into her car once more. She started the engine and drove out the town again to the same road. She sped down the road with the snow kicking up behind her. This time she was ready to push the petal and crash into her house if she needed too. She gazed into the plains that glistened in the snow. Then she turned away to stare at the other half. The fence was still up but something was off. The barbed-wire was misplaced. She stared down the road further and she saw it. The top of the fence was gone and the wire laid on the ground as if it was pulled off the from the outside. She turned on her siren and sped down to the fence. She saw a group of kids prying the wire off the fence and climbing over. She sped then slammed on the brakes. The kids frightened, jumped over the fence and started to run. She got out of her car,  climbed the fence as well, and jumped over it. She yelled,”Come back here! You are in a restricted area!”

The children continued to run into the woods screaming. The snow made it hard to get through the trees. She ran after the children. The chubbiest one fell short from the rest of the group and she took him by the arm. He started to cry due to the fear of being arrested, but she soothed him and asked,”Why are you guys in these woods. They are dangerous.”

The round boy replied in a sobbing matter,” A group of kids dared us to enter The Forest or else.”

“Well these woods are restricted for a reason, kid. Now help me find your friends and we will take you home.”

“Why are these woods restricted?”

“… Honestly I don’t know why, but that doesn’t mean you should come in here. Now we got to hurry up it’s going to be dark soon.”

They marched together through the woods after a few minutes and spotted the rest of the group. The children were nearly out of breathe but they started to run deeper into the woods. As they pursued them, the woods got darker and darker. The group of children weren’t far from them, because they all did a huge circle around and they chase started to run out of The Forest. The children then did another swerve and the chase continued yet again. The woods finally got dark enough to make it hard to see, but the children still were visible.  This was going on long enough. It was dark and she was starting to get tired. The children were just in reach if she sprinted. She grabbed the boy by the arm and got ready to run. But then in the distance she heard something.

She stopped and looked around but nothing was there for a moment. Then in the distance a figure moving extremely fast was moving right to left. It was dark and hard to see. Then with no hesitation the dark figure ran to the group of children and just kept running until it was out of sight. She observed the children, they stood there for a moment not talking or moving. Then almost simultaneously she saw the heads of each of the children fall off onto the snowy forest ground. The boy next to her screamed as he saw his friends heads roll off. The blood from each of them flooded through the top of their necks and then they all collapsed. Sofret now scared took the boy by the arm and ran out of The Forest. She made it to the fence and helped the boy up and over first, then herself.

After she jumped the fence she stared into the woods and there she saw the same dark figure staring right back with its head tilted. She got the boy into the patrol car, he was still panicking. She locked herself in the car and radioed for some back up.

“Station this is Officer Sofret, come in!”

“This is Station, what is it?”

“I was pursuing a group of children in The Forest! I saved one from the group, but sir the rest are dead! They all lost their heads, literally! I am requesting back up!”

“Sure thing, We’ll send Officer Pantaon and Chief Smith over to your location. Hang tight.”

They sat there in the car, Sofret tried to calm the boy down. Time passed by and by 8:36 Back up had arrived. Two patrol cars sped down the road to hers, flashing their sirens and lights. The cars stopped next to hers. She used dispatch and said,”There is someone in there and they killed four children!”

“Are you sure you saw this?” said the Chief.

“Yes! I wouldn’t have called you in if there was nothing!”

“Well then, we may need some extra power.” He radioed over dispatch.

“Station this is Smith.”

“Go ahead Smith.”

“Is Officer Vendez available?”

“He will be on shift in 15 minutes.”

“Tell him to get over here, ASAP.”

The air was silent for a moment.  They waited for a response. Then over the radio,”Vendez is on his way.”

The officers sat there in their cars with sigh of relief. The Chief said to Sofret,”If this is as bad as you say it is, I’m bringing Vendez.”

They gazed down the road and saw the patrol car kicking dust and snow behind it. It’s siren and lights were flashing and the setting sun made the hood of the car shine. The lights kicked on and lit up the road he was driving on. The car drifted to a screeching stop which made snow and dust cloud up into the air. The cloud settled down and the door of the car opened up. Vendez stepped out of the car on foot at a time, he had black hair and blue eyes which went perfectly with what Sofret thought was his handsome face. He walked over to the Chief and asked,”Ok what’s the problem?”

The Chief responded,” Sofret says she saw someone in the woods. He or she apparently killed four children right in front of her.”

“Well in that case.” He said while he walked over to the back of his car. He took out his keys and popped the back open. He reached down and pulled out a shotgun.

“Will this do?” he said with a smirk on his face.

He walked over with the gun and knocked on Officer Pantaon’s door. He got out and stood in front of Vendez.

“Will you mind accompanying me with this gun here into those woods?” Vendez said.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“Pantaon! There is a maniac in those woods which killed four small innocent children, and here you are second guessing yourself! I say that we go in there together and shoot the criminal and make him pay for what has done! Know what do you say?”

“Fine, I guess.” he said in a unsure, shaken voice.

“Great! Here’s the gun.”

He tossed the gun to Pantaon and he caught it barely. The rest of the officers angled their cars so their head lights would shine into the forest. The two police officers, Pantaon with a shotgun and Vendez with a pistol, climbed over the fence. They both gazed into the dark abyss that went into The Forest.  Sofret saw the officers slowly walk into the forest. She sat in the car staring into The Forest waiting for them to return. IT was quiet for awhile but not long. They heard the sound of the shotgun going off two or three times then it was quiet again. Then the sound of a pistol going off a couple of times then going silent once more. They watched to see if they returned but no one showed for three minutes.

It was quiet and Sofret started to shed tears in her patrol car. She gazed into The Forest but the more she wished the more she was depressed. The sat there beginning to lose hope. Then In the distance the Chief heard the sound of running footsteps. He pulled out his pistol and made cover along side his car waiting for the approaching figure. The sound grew out of The Forest, getting louder. The figure started to be visible, but then the flash of a gun was being pulled. There was Officer Vendez running out of the dark abyss shooting down into the woods covered in blood. He was screaming something but it was hard to make out.

“He’s coming! He’s coming!”

Vendez got to the fence and started to scream more,”Get me out of here! I wasn’t trained for this! Help me!”

The Chief lowered his firearm and tried to calm Vendez down but to no avail.

“He’s coming! He’s coming!”

“Vendez calm down! What happened to Pantaon?!”

“He’s dead Smith! Butchered into to pieces! Help me get out of here! He’s coming! The masked boy!”

“Who’s coming?!”


Before Vendez could finish his sentence a sword made of wood flew out go the dark abyss of The Forest like a spear and nailed him through his back. There Vendez sat there pinned into the fence hanging there in front of the Chief. The Chief just looked at him horrified. “No one could have done this.” he whispered under his breath.

He ran to his car and yelled into the radio. “WE NEED THE S.W.A.T.! GET THEM OVER HERE NOW!”

It’s 9:21pm now. The night is dark and Officer Vendez is still pinned up on the fence. Sofret is talking with the child in her car trying to create small talk to distract themselves from the situation. Sofret was speaking to the child, telling him that ,”Everything was going to be ok.” But on the inside she thought that she was going to die. She was in the middle of a talk with the child when dispatch came over. She picked it up listened.”This is Brandit, Sofret do you read, over.”

“This is Sofret, go ahead Brandit.”

“Hey, I know my timing is horrible but I need to share something with you.”

“What is it?”

“You remember that old lady you picked up earlier today?”

“Yeah, what about her?”

“Well I tried to search any record of Azyshta but it came up dry. So I also did a figure print on her, but there’s no match. She has no social, no record, she doesn’t have any relatives except for that she ‘has a brother.’ ”

“What does that mean?”

“Whoever you picked up this afternoon, she doesn’t exist.”

At this moment a black several black vans were seen heading down the road. The glass on the vehicles were tinted. The headlights from the cars shined. The vans came up into the area and stopped. The doors from the vehicles opened at the same time and four men stormed out of each one. Then out of one of the vans a man with a black suit and tie stepped out. He had gray hair and carried a stern face. He stood around for a minute gazing The Forest. He then took a step to the Chief and asked, “What’s the situation.”

“The is a man in there, he was seen carrying a weapon and killed four children and two officers.”

“Who’s that?” he asked pointing at Vendez, still pinned to the fence.

“That is the remains of Officer Vendez, sir.”

“Well then, I’m glad you called us when you did. we’ll have this lunatic killed or arrested in no time.”

“Sir I’ve seen many things in my life, but nothing as horrifying as that.”

“Then you’ll haven’t seen nothing.” the man said staring at the Chief in the eyes.

“Now then, I will send a team of four in there to eliminate your problem and we’ll be out.”

“Why did you bring eight men sir?”

“Oh, those fools? They’re our backup team, but we won’t need them.”

“If you say so.” Chief whispered.

The Chief, the man in the suit, and two of the backup team went inside one of the vans. They asked Officer Sofret to join too since she was the first to witness the criminal. She entered the van, there was tape recorders and TV’s on side of the van. The man in the suit took a dispatch that twas connected to the wall and radioed in.

“This is Hub, Team A do you read.”

“Loud and clear.”  came in one the men from the squad.

He stepped away from the radio and turned to Sofret.

“My men are equipped with flashlights and cameras and ready to enter The Forest, ma’am.”


He turned back to the radio,”Enter The Forest.”

The TV turned on and they could see what the men were doing. They men helped each other over the fence and when they all were over they started to march. There was two cameras. One was on a guy on the left flank, the other on the guy in the center. They carried their weapons, flashlights, and radios. They started to enter The Forest so they flashed their lights down in to the dark abyss and got ready. They started to move. Their lights shown and illuminated the trees but other than that it wasn’t very effective. It was the same eery scene for 5, then 10, and finally 15 minutes. It seemed the culprit was nowhere to be found. One of the men radioed in,”This is Team A, come in Hub.”

“This is Hub, what is it.”

“I think we may need to call it, there’s no one here.”

“Are you sure? Did you find any prints, bodies,  blood, anything?”


The man in the suit turned to the Chief,”Are you pulling my leg, Chief?”
“Of course not sir, there was someone in there I swear.”

“Well there’s nothing in that forest, Chief. Also I see a hanging man out there and with no evidence, there’s no possible way that ‘a man form the forest’ did that. Someone going to be charged for manslaughter and you, Chief.” He said angrily,”You may as be in as much s**t.”

“But sir.”

“Shut up Smith!”

The Chief stood there having no clue what to say.

“And you.” he turned to Officer Sofret,”You must be the worst excuse for a police officer I’ve seen in my life. You think this is some kind of game? Hmm? Well next time you go into the forest chasing your imagination don’t come call us again. Now, get out of my van.”

Sofret started to cry,”I know what I saw.” and started for the door.

But then on the radio,”This is Team A, come in Hub.”

“This is Hub, what is it?”

“Some of the men are reporting strange noises, but none of us heard anything. It’s-it’s hard to explain, sir.”

“How so?”

“We all feel like we are hearing something, but there is no noise here what so ever.”

“Shake the feeling off and get over here now.”

“Yes sir.”

They watched the camera, the men continued to walk through the snow. Sofret was about to leave the the van when the man in the suit said,” What was that?”

He took the radio and spoke,”Team A this is Hub, you are not alone.”

The men started to look around but nothing was there. The men continued to walk through The Forest, but then they heard a scream. The men turned around to see one of the squad on the ground bleeding out a pool of blood. The rest of the men tried to carry him up but then the van lost a camera. The TV went static and now only one was operational. On the camera the man gasped as he saw that member of the squad hanging from a tree branch by his throat, he too was bleeding out. Now there was only two members left. The men panicked and made a run for it. The camera shook as well as the men. The man turned around to see if anything was following him, but of course it was too dark to see. The man saw the other member of the squad, he slowed down so the other man, the one without the camera, could catch up and run up in front of him.

The man turned his head back and faced the man running in front of him. Each of the last two men were in arm distance from each other. They were about to get to the edge of the forest, it was literally five minutes away. The camera man turned back to stare at The Forest , but when he returned to the man in front of him, he disappeared. The squad member stood there looking around for the other member but there weren’t any footprints.  He looked to the right, then the left, and finally turned around. He was alone, but he didn’t feel like he was. He looked in front of him. the camera caught nothing and neither did he.

“This is Team A, come in Hub.”

“This is Hub, go ahead.”

“I can’t do this anymore, I’m going to die here!”

“Stay calm, run out of that forest and you’ll be home free.”

“Home free?” he said quivering.

“Yes just keep walking forward.”

“Keep walking forward, keep walking forward, keep walking forward….”

“That’s right, just listen to my voice. Keep walking forward and you’ll be safe.”

The man continued to walk, darting his head back and forth.

It started to snow, the snowflakes got on the camera but the lens was still operational. “Sir.”

“What is it?” said the man in the suit

“I hear it again.”

“Here what again?”

“The sound without any noise, I feel it. He’s here.”

“Ignore it. Keep moving.”

“He’s here, sir! I feel it, he knows I’m here!”

“Stay calm and move, that’s an order!”

“He’s here! He’s here! I know he’s here!”

Over the radio the sound of a deep chuckle echoed so loudly, that it was also heard coming from The Forest itself. The camera was thrown to the ground and pointed up at the trees at an angle. The man, the last one, was seen blood pouring from his chest staring down at it with hands full of blood too. There was no question about his health when he fell to the ground face first. At this moment the man in the suit stared at the TV with a face full of  frustration. The camera was covered in snowflakes, blood splatters, and tiny cracks. The dark abyss surrounded the footage. A boy appeared out of the shadows, he wore blood soaked clothing and a cape and hood made from bear skin. He stepped in a better view, the mask he wore was gray and smiled. He studied the body he killed and from his body language he seemed to be laughing.

He stood there just mocking the guy he killed, then he stopped. He tilted his head as if he was curious. He flipped the body over and grabbed something.

He picked the object with his thumb and finger and gazed at it.

He took the item and plopped it in his hand and looked down the sight.

He then turned quickly to look at the camera. He raised the pistol away from his face and fired. The men in the van got down, the sound of the gun went off, but all they heard was the sound of a window shattering. Sofret got out of the van to her patrol car and saw the bullet hole.

The hole penetrated the back door window of her patrol car, where the child was sitting. The child laid in the back of the car with the hole right between the eyes. He bled out all over the seat. Sofret screamed then returned to the TV in the van, the masked boy was standing there laughing yet again at the camera.

He resumed his posture and stood there looking more serious at the camera. He took the pistol in his hand and pointed it at the camera, then shot.

The TV went to static, there was  no more for them to use. It was quiet in the van compartment, then men stood there staring at the TV. The Chief started to yell out, cursing, theorizing, and crying. The man in the suit stood there looking nauseous. Sofret started to panic. The boy in The Forest now had access to a gun, and according to his first shot, he had an incredible aim.

She stood outside near the poor boy that was shot. She stared into The Forest and sank down to the ground  to cry for the boy. She sat their on her knees cursing the masked boy that did this terrible crime.  She stared into the forest when she saw a figure start appear. She expected it to be the masked boy, but to her surprise it was the man that disappeared. She stared at him as if he was looking at a ghost,”How?”

The man started to slowly walk into a better view when she saw it. He was slit by the throat and had a hole where his heart would have been. In the hole was a wooden ball. The man looked at her blankly and was very pale. He walked to the small clearing between the fence and The Forest. He still had his uniform on but it was unclean and rugged. He was halfway he suddenly sprinted and ran into the fence like a deranged animal. He screamed and yelled as he tried to break the fence to get to Sofret. The fence stretched forward. He tried to climb it but with Vendez hanging there made it was difficult.  He started to rip Vendez apart bottom to top, and at the end of the rage the top half was the only bit still hanging there. The man continued to bend the fence, all he would do was rapidly hit the fence and scream, “Kill!” He seemed to have no limit to the motion, as if he was rabid. Then behind Sofret she heard the sound of a gun go off multiple times. The man fell to the ground with bullet holes aimed straight at the wooden ball int his chest.

Behind her was the Chief. She screamed at him,”Why did you do that to him?”

“That was no man anymore.” he said with a tear on his cheek.

“Sofret I have a favor to ask of you.”

“What is it?’

“I want you to find anyone at all to find out who this guy is.”

She took a moment to think. Who would have the best intel to kill this guy? Then she remembered, the little old lady she picked up earlier. She said she was “visiting her brother.” She asked the Chief if she could take his car to the Station real quick. His hand where still shaking when he gave his keys to Sofret. She took the keys, got in the car, and drove to the Station. it was a bit of a stretch, but with that lunatic she needed any information at all.

She stormed through the door, of course minding the ice. It was 10:12 at night and she went to her office.  She didn’t expect to see the old lady still in the Station but she was there. “Why are you here so late?” Sofret started.

“Well hello, that officer couldn’t find someone to pick me up. So I insisted to stay here.”

“Well ma’am, I afraid I need your help.”

She took the lady to an interrogation room. The room was made of cinderblock painted light blue and white. There was two mirrors that reflected each other because they were set up on the opposite walls. The lady was pulled up a chair and Sofret helped her sit down. She got the lady some water and snacks to help ease her.

“What was it you wanted from me, dear?”

“I heard that you were going to visit your brother in The Forest today, can you tell me about that.” she said eager for answers.

“Well you see I was going to visit my brother because I’ve haven’t seen him in a awhile.”

“Why is that?”


“What happened to make you not see him?”

The lady paused for a moment “May I tell you a story, Scarlet?”

“Yes you may.”

“A long time ago, man had thrived on Earth, but they were young. Man couldn’t understand the natural world and for what it was. But they were assisted, not by themselves but by celestial beings. Some taught man how to used their environment, but not all of them were so nice, dear.”

“How so?”

“Well there once were two celestial beings, gods I may say. That came from the stars. They were siblings, born of the same blood. Celestial blood. One of the beings was a beautiful goddess, the other was her brother, Sacrurios.”

“Can you tell me about Sacrurios?”

“Ah yes, Sacrurios. Sacrurios was a weak god, one of many talents but strength wasn’t one. He had greed and desired power. He wanted to find a way how to take control, and become strong like the other gods. And you know how he did this?”


“He went into mortal form upon the Earth and struck a mortal girl. The women died and he took her soul to fuel himself. He understood that the only way for him to grow powerful was through souls, but not just any souls. He can only take the souls of those he kills. Sacrurios took advantage of this ability and started to kill mortals.”

“You said he had a sister?”

“Yes, she was one of peace and harmony, she used the knowledge of mortals to help herself grow stronger, one thing that her brother didn’t know.”

“What was her name?”

“Her name? Her name is and forever will be Azyshta.”

Sofret started to realize what the lady actually was. The polite little old women sitting in front of her was a goddess. ” Bu-but your Azyshta.”

“Indeed. But back to the story. Azyshta saw what Sacrurios was doing to the mortals, she saw the innocent people being slaughtered and she wanted to help. Sacrurios grew in power but he got cocky. He decided that he would enslave humanity to be used as a battery.”

“How would he do that?”

“By taking your people, humans, and creating farms of your species. Taking the parents, making them breed, and storing the children to start the cycle over again, and then killing the parents for souls.”


“Yes, he was most horrible. But I couldn’t stand it.”

“What did you do?”

“What I had too. Sacrurios knew that if he enslaved the mortals the other gods would rain down wrath upon him, so he decided after the farms start and he was powerful enough, he would enslave the gods too.”

“He was going to do what?”

Azyshta started down at the floor and started to shed tears. Sofret started to comfort her.

“I’m sorry it is unpleasant to remember this.” Azyshta said.

“You may stop now, you’ll told me enough. I know that the boy in The Forest is a god. But how do you stop him?” Sofret said.

“That boy is not a god, he is only a puppet.”


“It is sad to remember but I must tell if it will save you beautiful mortals.”

“Are you sure?’

“Yes. The boy that is kills is a puppet and I know it to be true. It is not the boy killing but the mask. The mask is the god. I know this because I imprisoned him there.”

“Is that how you saved us?’

“Yes. I went into mortal form and gathered the trust of a tribe in North America. We made a ritual, one of a 13-pointed star to capture him. We set up 13 shaman at each point of the star to help create a barrier to seal him away. The mask was a prison, but he was so strong, it couldn’t hold him. The mask could only suppress him. Before he was casted into the mask he took the lives of the 13 shaman with him. I was the only one that could complete the ritual, so I did.”

“So if we want to stop him we need to aim for the mask?”

“No the mask can’t be broken. Only the sealer can break it.”

“So you are the only person that could break it and end his terror?”

“No I will not do such a thing.”

“Why not?!”

“When Sacrurios went into the mask he lost all his memory. He was ‘reborn’ into what he calls himself today, Mr. Hunt. If I break that mask he will be set free and his memory will be return. And he will bring wrath upon the gods and mortal men.”

Sofret sat there looking at Azyshta,” So how do we defeat him?” She said in a voice of hopelessness.

“You don’t. Get away from the area, cover up the crime, and make sure no one will enter that woods ever again. Now hurry and save yourself!”

Sofret exited the room almost bolting. She grabbed he radio and explained the situation to the rest of the the other remaining officers. At first the officers were unconvinced, but due to what they saw they had no choice. Before she left the station she ran back to the interrogation room to thank Azyshta. But when she opened the door there was no one in the room. The food sat on the table the chair was where it was, but the little old lady was no where to be found.

Ever since then, the case was reported as a serious animal attack and all the people had closed-cascit funerals. They made sure that The Forest was inaccessible by electrifying the fence, and adding more barbed-wire. The Officers soon quit their jobs and went into therapy. None of them were ever seen again.

Still to this day, witnesses report strange noises coming from The Forest. Some say they feel a noise, or they have a sudden urge to enter The Forest. Still, nothing is more defined than the deep chuckle that echoes out from it.

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