Monsters – The Little Figurine by the Desk

It’s a whole new world. A new day.

I just have to cook my breakfast to start it. As I took a shower, the smell of burnt rice reaches my senses. Just like every other day it seems. The phone rings and my employer speaks with me about the new update. I answer back. Just like every other day too. After all these are done, I eat and travel at the office then return home.

The same ol’ repetition.

I was wondering when it would stop… until the day I opened a certain box mailed to me by an unknown sender.

Just who was it?

“An old friend I guess.” Is what I thought.

I slowly cut apart the tapes binding the box with the cutter and what shows up is this… Old figurine. A beautiful woman with glasses.

It was… Let me rephrase that. She was, the most beautiful thing I’ve never seen in my entire life. Not that I meant to criticise the other women that I have already seen but she really was alluring.

A man… Falling in love with an object? Nope. Not gonna happen. What I wanted to say is that I’ve admired this figurine. Nothing like this has ever piqued my interest.

And so, I placed it at the desk beside my bed in order to look at it everyday once I wake up. It’s something like that… really.

If someone asks me what she actually looks like. She was wearing this sweater and short jeans paired up with the red scarf on her neck. Her face was as elegant as diamonds and her glasses made it ever more perfect. Her eyes giving off the glint of color red and her posture was that she was sitting on this wooden chair that I believe to portray as made in old oak wood. I never cared because I thought it was cute.

However… that night. As I lay in my bed. I felt like I was being watched. The air around me was different and I wake up in the morning catching colds.

I mistook it with the reason that I wasn’t probably using the blanket and the weather was just lucky to have been blowing at that time. So I took the day off.

It was nice not going to the office once in a while because I could drink the hot choco I always wanted other than get it on a brewing machine and took a nice warm bath. That morning was really the warmest of all mornings.

Then afternoon came by. Nothing happened much as I lay in bed admiring that little figurine on the desk. My thoughts wander to the time when I blew up my first chance on having a date in highschool. Ahhh… those times. The reason why I was single huh…

After reminiscing about the past, I went in the living room to watch T.V… an hour or two when that was done, I went back to the bedroom finding the figurine staring at my direction.

“I must’ve misplaced her.” I thought again as my head hit the pillow.

The only time when things turned darker is when I unconsciously slept and woke up at night with the lights around me closed off. But what freaked me out the most is a figure at the side of my bed. Just sitting there in a chair I don’t remember having.

It was really dark so I couldn’t make out what it looked like except the rays of the moon shining below its face. I could make it out as a female since the strands of hair were really long. There and then… I thought her eyes were shining red.

It can’t be a coincidence right. My eyes move unto the shadow of the figurine supposedly there.

‘It’s gone…’

I turn my eyes back to the human figure but she disappeared. By the time I tried getting off the bed…

We looked at each other’s faces. She was… as always, beautiful without any expression on her. The rounded glasses which covered her eyes gave mysterious profoundness. To my surprise, I thought she wouldn’t cast any faces as she stared at me while we sat on the bed. But her lips… slanted upwards. She was actually smiling.

At that time, I was neither scared or terrified. I hadn’t even noticed the blush on my face as I admired her scarlet pupils.

The next morning came and I was getting prepared for work again. Remembering back on last night. I just realized that my first-kiss was finally taken away from me.

My loving gaze caught the figure of that small statue by the empty desk.

“It was a dream. Yup that was just my fantasy…”

And then the smell of burnt rice reached my senses.

A new day again huh…


  • Sierra

    Confusing, could have been a really great story…