Monsters – As My Time Stopped…

To breathe, to taste, to feel.

I, who asks for these things do not have them. For normal people, of course they have.

So why am I the only one?

I have already died. Once. And in exchange for the life I currently have, is a just a terrible curse.

I… am a walking corpse.

So what reason in life do I still have to live? What exactly am I? Is it this thing called zombie from movies? An undead?

To gather the thoughts I still have with me. Originally, I’m just a lonesome man surviving the business world. And then died at the age of 29 getting buried by concrete blocks. My time stopped ticking after I lost conscious.

As I awoke in that suffocating place, the world suddenly changed. I don’t know how it all started but people evidently got stronger for some reason. To make things easier, every human being I’ve encountered all suffered similar traits. Superhuman traits.

They could carry heavy boulders, turn a store upside down and other things like that. They boasted powerful prowess.

However, it didn’t change the fact that they all had a time limit. They still died of old age and of unexpected occurrences.

As time passed, society begun to crumble. Because of the drastic changes made on their bodies, some people just couldn’t stop terrorizing, rampaging, acting like animals, try whatever you may think but they were ruthless. The government stopped functioning as a whole. It was utter chaos…

So what does it all have to do with me?

I was different. Very… very different. No. I was exactly the opposite. I wasn’t strong, I can’t flip a car with my bare hands. But I won’t bleed, I can’t die, I won’t age and I was gifted with skill of perception.

I knew that when I would disclose the slightest information about myself, my life as me would just end up becoming a lab rat. I was powerless in the hands of the… New generation of humans.

So I learned. With my near invincibility, I learned how to survive after society wasn’t society anymore. I could counter the superhuman. No one knew about me as I was deemed as killed during the collapse of the building so this made me anonymous.

And here I was. Witnessing the new creation, the rebuilding of a new nation.

As I look at the sun rise and set, I felt empty. Just the husk of a man who isn’t here. Days after months after years and I was still what I was. I couldn’t bear to befriend people since it would just break my heart to see them off at the last of day of their lives.

I just want to feel… human once more.