Monsters – A Clichè Ending?

It was a certain time of the day when a boy in his early teens was being shoved around by what may look like a bunch of thugs roaming around in the slums.

“Timmy, timmy, whatcha’ got for us? Still have money on ya?”

One of these thugs smiles as he shows a smile full of broken teeth and the rotten smell of eggs wafts out of his mouth.

“H-how’d y-you know my name?! Who are you?!”

“Ohh, come now. Is that how you speak to your seniors? We see you everyday with your fancy clothes and your luxuries that it would be harder not to take our eyes off of you.”

“S-so y-your robbing me?”

“Ohh, bull’s-eye. Leave everything you have with you. It’s that simple.”

Saying that, the three thugs takes out heavily dented knives as they all laugh in delight.

“I-I’ll do it! J-just d-don’t hurt me!”

“Good boy.”

However, before the exchange could happen, a laugh interrupted them. A man enters the alleyway towards both the boy and the three thugs. He then opens his mouth.

“Hahaha…What a cliche situation I’ve run into. It almost feels like acting.”


“Shut-up boy! You, what we’re doing here is none of your business.”

The thug shouts and raises his knife as he finds this man empty. In other words, the man just looks like a beggar with the exception of a dark-colored hoodie.

“Oh my, but I want to watch the scene. Pretend I’m not here.”

But the man ignores his shout and proceeds to walk forward.

“This isn’t a joke damn it!”

“Let’s just kill him along with the boy.”

The other thug suggests and two of them approach the man with their knives prepared to cut him down.

“Woah. Now you’re gonna kill me? This is funny, now I thought I was suppose to…”

The man’s sentence pauses for a while until.

“M-my armss!?? My LEGS!!”

“…chop you up…”

Holding in his right hand is a bolo, usually used to cut weeds and grasses but its blade is tainted in crimson colored liquid.

Both of the thugs squeals like dying pigs.

“Stay there for a while.”

The man turns back to the leader of the group and the boy beside him.

“S-stay back!! O-or I’ll kill the boy!”


The thug grabs the teen and aims the knife at his neck as he thought of taking him as hostage.

“I don’t mind. Kill him then.”

But he thought wrong.

“W-what th-”

Before he could answer, something lodged in between his eyes. The thug couldn’t understand what just happened and fell without knowing how he died.

“Hey kid. It’s okay now.”

The man pulled the bolo out of the thug’s head. The teenage saw this and was terrified. Before he could even stand up and get away, a hand pulled him by the back of his collar.

“It’s okay. Because you’re next.”

Then the boy’s head flew. The man grabs his body and repeatedly chops every inch of its being.

“I hate pathetic people like you.”

He dismembers everything and blood fills up the alley.

“I also hate cliche situations. Why can’t we change it in a unique way right? What do you guys think?”

As he finishes. Silence answers him and he turns back to look at the thugs that was supposed to be screaming.

“Oh… They died huh. Oh well.”

The man sighs and walks away with his back fading..

“No one understands me… No one ever does.”

And disappears.

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    Up until the last few sentences I couldn’t follow the story. It’s far too choppy. Nice try, but the edge is strong with this one.

  • Elizabeth

    Okay so ummmm I so follow the story , plot is decent but umm there where like 2 moments where you get confused cause you don’t know who is saying the line , well umm not until you read the next sentence and umm the forth wall breaking part was okay I guess , but umm was it necessary ?