Missing Chris

What I’m doing right now is not important. The only thing that is important at this moment is what had happened to my friend named Chris. If I recalled my memory correctly, it was 10 years ago (I had been 5 years old at the time).

My mother was offered a promotion which caused her to spend more time out. This had caused my mother to get a babysitter. So instead of riding the bus, I had been picked up by my mother. She drove me to the babysitter’s house. At first I was shy and nervous but I soon had learned that she had 3 sons and I felt more relaxed and excited. Unfortunately, I cannot recall their names.

Anyhow after school, I would go to my babysitter’s house and play with her sons. In summer I would hang out with them and that’s when I met Chris. She was a white girl who had blonde wavy hair, beautiful pale blue eyes, her height was around 4’1, she was so nice and motherly to me and the boys.

My family were planing to move that summer due it becoming condemned. But before we did, I wanted to spend one more summer night with my friends, so we had a sleepover. Remembering it now, it’s still comical to me. It’s a shame that those events won’t be commenting anymore.

That night was fun until we had to go to bed. At this age, I always had trouble with sleep which is normal. But mine, mine was bad. So I had been awake trying to calm my nerves with a good book so I could go to bed. Instead, I heard a thump in the oldest brother’s room. Being the curious child, I crept over the 2 boys and scampered down the tiny 90° hallway making sure I didn’t create any noise to get unwanted attention.

I gently put my ear against the door and overheard an unknown raspy male voice and what seemed to be sobs. Chris’s sobs. Even as the mindless child I was at the time, I knew something wasn’t right. So I jolted down the hallway to the stairs to get the babysitter. After that, I preceded to drag her up to her eldest son’s room.

As soon as we entered, I turned the light on. Turning around to see the man and Chris, but there was no one there. I panicked looking around her son’s room for Chris. Instead, I was met to being picked up by my babysitter and to get yelled at by the eldest son who was trying his best to block out the light from his gaze and get some shut eye. I screamed frequently about the event I had overheard but the babysitter assumed it was just another bad nightmare as she turned off the light.

As we were walking out, I realized that her stuff was gone from the floor and had silenced as the babysitter had rocked me and hushed me humming. Once put back, she left to continue her work as I laid wondering if it was really just a dream.

In the morning, I had asked the boys about Chris, but they reacted just like their mother they didn’t remember Chris at all. At this point my luck ran out and I just accepted the fact that it was all a dream. That’s until I went back to my old home town in the first semester of this year to look at a school I was interested to enter to for freshmen year for. I came along my old home that by the look of things was soon to be teared down to create an apartment but was left unfinished. Probably due to the fact of the community focusing on rebuilding and reconstructing my old school.

Anyhow, I decided to crept in to the old place I used to call my home. Yes I’m aware that is trespassing but I was bored and saw an old memory so of course I’m going to see how it changed. Not to mention that I could really use a distant memory aging inspection right now.

Once in, I went to my old bedroom expecting it to be a wreck like the rest of the place. But what I didn’t expect to find is Chris’s old bag, broken rusted chains, Chris’s white bed sheets she brought that night except torn and dirty, and my window ajar not to mention old blood, a bloody rusted pipe, and a corpse. I was going to take some pictures as evidence but before I could, I heard that same unknown raspy male voice swearing and the rusting of the door hinges. I knew that I need to get out so I climbed out the window, landed on the ledge right below the window, and climbed the rest of the way down and crept through the fence. I know that you’re the one causing all of the abductions of people. The bad people, the good. And you’re doing it to prove your words are true. The missing are never truly missed.

  • Kittypasta

    This was really good! I loved it, I want to keep hearing from you for now. I will be expecting more stories so I can read them. Again it was super good and I LOVED IT!!!!!