Mirror On The Wall

I was always self-concious, insecure of how I look and behave around people. Sometimes I am scared to go out because I don’t want to suffer a wave of regret whenever I think I did something I should have not done.

So, I was a loner.. I caved myself in my own room and seldom actually interact with other people, I sometimes practice communication by talking to myself in the mirror, it made me feel better, but sometimes I feel weird, I feel like a psycho, thinking , why am I talking to myself?

Sometimes the Mirror was a friend, sometimes I feel like it’s mocking my whole existence.

I stare at the mirror… After a while I started smiling widely. I imagine myself holding a heart and stuffing inside a doll and call it a friend, my only friend, my lovely friend… I call it Davey. Davey is a good friend, he listens and responds sincerely, unlike any other humans I’ve known.

Saturday morning, I woke up and immediately glanced over to the mirror right beside my bed. I wanna talk to Davey all day.

We talked for hours, played games together. When my parents wanted to talk to me I pretended I was sleeping, trying not to give them the feeling that they’re allowed to disturb me. It was all fun, hanging out with Davey.

The Next Day, I did the same thing, but I wanted to surprise him with something. I stood in front of the mirror but he doesn’t appear… I can feel poking from my back.

I slowly turned,

It was a robber. “DAD! SOMEONES HERE, SOMEONES–” He tried to punch me, but I barely parried the attack.  I pushed the robber and quickly ran out of my room, slamming the door shut. I heard my room door lock, it’s lock. “Why is it locked?” I breathed heavily. I dismissed it as some malfunction.

I heard glass shatter and a scream coming from my room. I looked at the direction of my room and turned back, I can’t believe my eyes… Davey is pointing a gun at me, and he’s not done yet.

  • Neela Nelson

    I don’t get it. It’s like the story just suddenly stopped without a finish.

    • Amanda

      It left u guessing. But it sounds like the reflection popped out of the mirror killed the intruder and was coming for the actual person.

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    Kind of a random turn of events.