Miracles. The thing that everyone wants to happen to them. But how many of you mortals know the true nature of miracles? How many of you know the price that others must pay for your “miracle”? Allow me to put this into perspective for you. There are no “miracles”. There are only trades. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life. This is how the universe truly works. To believe anything otherwise would make you a fool. You see, nothing is free in this universe. If your dying mother suddenly becomes healthy once more, it is not a miracle, someone simply traded their life for hers. But I can see that look you have, you are wondering how I could possibly know all this. That answer is simple. I know because I am the very person you look to for guidance and wisdom.

I am god.

But I am not just any god, I am the first. The one before all others. The omnipotent, omni powerful being of eternal glory. But do not confuse me to the god in your precious bible. That puny being is nothing more than fiction. A creation of the mortal mind, used to keep the weak and stupid sedated. But now that we have established who I am, back to business. You stand before me, wishing for me to grant you a miracle. That is something I will NOT do, unless you have a proper offering, that is. So, I ask you this, what do you offer me as payment for your miracle. Material items will not work, mind you. I have no need of your material possessions. I seek a proper offering. One that your kind has stopped offering to me long ago.

I seek a living soul.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I seek the offering of a living soul. Whether they are evil or not is up to you. But know however. You can offer yourself to me. Trade away your soul for a miracle, or whatever else it is you seek. But I hear you thinking now, why would a god ask for a soul? Is that not the job of the Devil? Well puny mortal, the answer is both yes and no. For you see, I am the devil, but I am also god. I am the balance for which keeps the universe together. And I require souls to bind the universe together. For souls are the true binding of reality. They are what keeps everything together. I am merely the one that binds them.

Just remember, all souls fade. And when they do, I will bind then to the fabric of reality. So, I will ask again, what will you offer me for your miracle? Will you offer me the soul of a random person you do not know? Or will you offer me your own soul to keep others from having to suffer the pain of being bound to reality’s fabric? The choice is yours mortal. Choose wisely, because when you make your choice, you cannot take it back.

  • P.C.E. PacifistComputerExpert

    Could be better. Gave it a 3. Perhaps some more graphic details?

  • teresa robinson

    I enjoyed this and its well written… Very interesting perspective! Gives you a lot to think about!