Mind Games

It was a normal night, just like any other. Mum was working late. ‘Till 9 to be exact and I was home alone with two fluffy black cats. They were what kept me sane as I was home alone a lot. But this particular night was a stormy dark one. Where a flash of lightning was enough to spook you.

I had been doing coursework for college when I decided to start dinner. I stood, wrapped my warm blanket round me and ventured out of my bedroom.

No sooner had I stepped out, I froze.

It’s a trick, I told myself with eyes wide open. Staring at what looked to be a dark stagnant silhouette stood in the middle of the narrow hallway. I stood in front of my room, the light within not enough to illuminate the long corridor. Perhaps my tired mind was playing its foul games on me once again. Yet it looked so real, my feet stood frozen to the creaky wooden floor. Too afraid to move just in case it alerted this… thing of my presence.

I could hear my heart pounding, my blood rushing through my veins urging me to hide within my room filled with light where shadows couldn’t hide. But the fear was too great, forcing the muscles in my throat to tighten and my body to become deathly still only able to stare and wait.

When this shadow like figure didn’t budge for what felt like an eternity, my feet finally decided to obey my orders and slowly move towards my room. Although they perhaps weren’t as fast I’d wish them to be, I was within my four walled room within seconds rushing to close the door and hide beneath my bed covers.

It took a while for my heart to calm itself to its normal beat. When it finally did, I gained the courage to pull my covers from my head. My eyes raced around my brightly lit room afraid of It following me inside. Scanning each and every item ensuring they were all in their rightful places. I laid there for a while before sitting up looking towards my closed-door imagining It standing outside, just waiting for me to leave.

I could feel it but was still in shocked disbelief. This had turned out far from normal.

  • Amani Aceves

    Short but good

  • Gilmarie De Jesus

    More please!

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I really hope there’s a part two coming, because that wasn’t a story. Nothing happened. Good lead up, though.