Midnight Steak

It all happened in the middle of the night my name is Bryan brushwood. That night is almost a peaceful night if not for a mad driver with his reckless driving skill. I’m driving my BMW with my girlfriend, Christine which I met in a dating site and it turns out that we match inside out! Although she’s not the prettiest girl, I loved him with all my heart.

We’re going home that night when all of sudden Christine said that she was hungry. So I search for a restaurant. It’s not easy to find a single restaurant when you’re in the middle of dessert with no life sign whatsoever. I’m about to give up when all of sudden Christine spot a restaurant ‘Steak Road’.

We enter the restaurant and order 2 tenderloin steak with spicy sauce. Then we sit down and spoke to each other for some times. Then not for too long, the waiter said that they run out of meat.

“What do you mean you’re out of meat?” I said angrily. “This is a steak restaurant right here and my girlfriend is already hungry”.

The waiter then said that the meat is ready to be delivered in 10 minutes, so we wait because what other choice do I have? My girlfriend is already STARVING. I kinda notice that the place is empty with just two of us because who want to eat steak in the middle of the night and in the middle of the dessert?

After 20 minute I grew impatient and going to ask the waiter but the waiter is nowhere to be seen. It’s then I decided to enter the kitchen to ask why did they took so long. When I enter the door marked ‘STAFF ONLY‘ I got the scent of blood. But hey, that’s got to be normal right? after all it’s a steak house. I’m going further and further to the kitchen where the chef is when my hand touch something.

It’s a skin impaled to the dark theme wallpaper. It doesn’t look like an animal skin whatsoever. That’s when I realized it’s a human skin, The skin is still fresh. Terrified, I run into the false way to near the kitchen door. Luckily I haven’t opened it yet. But when I want to go to the other way, I hear something. It’s then I realized it’s a chainsaw revving up.

“What kind of chef that use chainsaw?” I think. I slightly peek the chef only to finds out that he didn’t wear any cloth only ripped jeans and super fat. He’s cutting something with his chainsaw when all of a sudden I slip and emits a loud thud sound. Then I realized that I slip in the pool of blood.

The chef, that you can now call ‘Butcher’ is now turn his back to face me and I watch in horror to see that he’s missing one eye and he have this wide grin he can’t hide because his face is completely burned. Moment later something hit my head and I’m passed out.

I woke up only to find my arms and legs missing. I don’t know why I haven’t died because of the blood loss and I don’t feel any pain. My girlfriend is here too, but already beheaded. So, why did I get a chance to tell you this? I must be died already right? Well, it’s somebody else story… Me? I’m just a butcher who enjoy his job. In fact I LOVED my jobs

Now where did I put that eye…

  • opsedopsers

    Even though SHE’S not the prettiest GIRL I still love HIM with all my heart. There seems to be something wrong there

  • RhianNoelle

    Wow. Did a 5 year old write this?? Not amused. ):<

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I really loved the concept, that could’ve been a pretty scary story, but you definitely need to slow down, proofread, and make sure you’re using correct grammar. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but bad grammar shouldn’t distract from the story. Keep practicing!

  • Kayla

    I can tell you that your grammar s***s in four different languages and it just isn’t worth the time