Lucid Dream

Friend request

Facebook. Ultimately the beginning of social networks, and the start of the 21st century.  It is also a hub for finding girls in their “experimental phase”. Then we come across Jade King; sixteen years young, future college cheerleader, and in her experimental phase. Jade was left by her mother who was a fetal alcohol victim, and recently she learned that her older sister willingly let their father r**e her for thirteen years so he would never touch her. These are all things that Jade thought were private to her.
“New friend request…” read Jades’ screen in the illuminating Facebook blue. It was the Sunday morning after her schools big win at the annual Groovy Shoes rival school competition, where they all dress up in a theme, this year it was “code red”, to see who can cheer on their basketball teams the loudest. Rediculous but necessary to keep the hate strong between the two schools. She was on one of the boxes in front of the crowd, leading the cheers all night long, screaming in the faces of her peers, and willing them to bust their lungs along with hers, while still looking adorable in the life gaurd attire they made the cheerleaders wear. The first wave of friend requests overwhelmed her in the morning, obvious that people finally noticed her in her school, after three years of being up on the boxes. Even some were people who were older and not from either schools at all. Those she chalked up to the fact that the games were televised on TV, where anyone can watch them fight for the coveted groovy shoe they pass from school to school for the last 30 years.
So considering she’d had at least 70 new friends yesterday, she barely had time to look through each profile. So Jade accepted Rashawd Brown’s friend request while drinking her morning coffee and continued on to watching videos of “how to bake” on youtube. In no sense that Jade wanted to make cake but she did however love to do her makeup, it was actually what she was known for; for being the prettiest cheerleader at East Valley high school. Everyone thought that she was “the baddest” girl, and maybe that’s what lead her to make the worst decision.
Jade had been dating Quartavious Love for four months and the breakup that followed just hours before valentine’s day broke her heart. Not only does Jade never trust anyone enough to get close to her, she also never tells anyone her emotions. So when Q told her he “wasn’t in love with her and never had been”, Jade Curled up in her bed and cried until valentine’s day was over.
“New message from Rashawd Brown” lit up at the top of her screen and without hesitation she opened the new message and read “Hey :).” This was one of the only people to actually try to talk to her so she was flattered and wrote a quick “hey!”  back. He didn’t write her back until she was walking through the doors of her church with her best friend Paige and her mom. Jade showed Paige the profile picture of the guy when Paige asked who she was talking to. “You know he looks alot like Q.” Jade didn’t think about it earlier, but Paige was right, they were both dark and handsome although Rashawd looked a bit older. Jade was known for dating in her race although she had a taste of vanilla as her rebound after Q, but they promised not to talk about that. Paige already knew that Jade would get this guy’s heart in mere days, and when she looked through their blooming conversation she could already tell he was hooked.
As they started toward home Rashawd made the latest development in their conversation very foward and asked to come see her tonight. Jade knew she wasn’t suppose to bring home guys to her house at night, but she had done it before, and besides, the location of her room being in the most discreet place to sneak a guy in or out basically begged her to break the rules. This was the most excitement she had had since her and paige had snuck back to her house after getting black out drunk at their friends party, and what was even more exciting was the climb back in through her window and the three foot fall that made her go out cold for the night. So Jade said a goodnight to her bestie and proceeded to enter her home.

Lip gloss
Jade believed that first impressions were very important. She always made sure that she looked nice and with a fresh layer of lip gloss on. Looking in the mirror and applying on her favorite gloss from dior, Jade saw that behind the glass Rashawd had made it, even though with her weird sense of direction, she probably made a very bad Google maps, and was waiting patiently out side her window with a huge comical smile that lit up his dark face and eyes. He was handsome enough in person although he earlier made it known that he was 20 years old, four years older than she was. It didn’t faze her, she had always wanted to have a grown relationship, although it did make her weary why a 20 year old would want to date someone so much younger. So she found herself inviting him over each night as they have so much of the same intrests such as outerspace, dreams, science, and the big bang theory.
The third night Rashawd came to the window with a single of her favorite flower: a dandelion. She was bewildered at how he knew it was her favorite but took it with a blush and put it behind her ear. “Do you wanna go to my apartment  tonight? My work is closer to mine and I barely have any gas in my tank from staying at yours every night this week.” She didnt mind infact she was excited to hang out with him outside the same four walls. So she quickly packed her outfit for the next day, her tooth brush, her school bag and of course her lip gloss.
Rashawd took the bags from her with one hand and with the other grabbed her hand to lead the way to his car. As they were approaching in the dim light he said very nonchalantly “did I tell you I smoked weed?” Jade had only smoked weed once and it was with her brother at his friends house, she had wanted to smoke more after that but his friend creeped her out and she didn’t know anyone else who had weed. “No, but it’s okay, I won’t tell.” She said with a wink. Settling in the car seat, Jade watches him roll the blunt, although for someone who smokes, she can tell he isn’t very good at the rolling bit. He finally lights it and takes a drag offering her to s**k from the blunt. “This isn’t laced right?” Jade says half kidding. “Babe, would I give you some if it were?” Rashawd replies, looking almost hurt. “Oh, I was just kidding Ash.” Jade immediately responds, she didn’t like him feeling like she didn’t trust him although it was normal for her not to, so she took the grape flavored blunt from his black ashen hand and takes a hit.
They had been at the veiw, a cliff on top of the city where you can look down at all the city lights, and the blunt was almost gone now, just the tip of it left burning away. Jade could tell that lt was working as she could swear she was seeing double. So with Futures “New Level” blasting through Rashawd’s speakers, they started out down the cliff. A car pulls out in front of the making the car jerk and Jades unbuckled body along with it, reminding her to buckle up with an embarrassed smile. As Rashawd’s driving got more reckless, Jade got sexual. She was grinding along to the music as she started noticing something strange about the street lights, and how Rashawd started to talk.

I scream for ice cream

“Oh, you look so good dancin over there. Baby, give me road head.” Jade recoiled at first, but her intoxicated brain didn’t care that she’d only known him for three days, or apparently that they were getting on the freeway. The song changed to Tyga’s “ice cream man” as Jade climbed over the divider to unbuckle Rashawd’s jeans. “She like to s**k me f**k me, f**k me s**k me” the song called out to jade. “Im the ice cream man, she chunky monkey.” This hit a nerve in Jade. She knew she had a thick a*s and thighs and good size b***s, but it was strange to be referred to as a monkey, especially since Jade was black, so she is quick to catch racist slurrs. Another thing that terrified Jade was the remembrance of on season one of the television show Dexter, how the killers name was the ice man and how he disassembled women’s bodies. This was so not what she needed to think about when she had her boyfriends d**k in her mouth but it consumed her train of thought until the chorus repeated over and over sinking the message into her head “im the ice cream man”. Slowly Jade felt herself trying not to cry. when she came up for air Rashawd got a look at her face and smiling he asked her if everything was okay. Trying not to show any sign that she knew that he was the “ice cream man”, Jade just laughed it off and said “yeah im fine, can you change the song though?” Obliging, he switched it to a rap song she didn’t know. Feeling some relief jade calmed down and slid back into her seat.
As Jade looked out the windshield,  again came the weirdness she was seeing earlier with the traffic lights. As the light turned red, Jade remembered where she was and took a minute to straighten up her clothes or hair. Turning green, she went full on stripper mode and danced like she was working for money. This cycle kept going on until she could tell when she would check her face again. It wasn’t until they were near the apartment that Jade started to see, or feel pink. She saw pink when she thought about how good it would feel to have s*x with Rashawd, she also felt pink when she thought of love. So feeling pink Jade bounced up the stairs to Rashawd’s apartment.

One two three
It was Friday and jade had spent every night next to Rashawd that week. It was their second time having s*x, and Jade was in the middle of her famous b*****b that Rashawd loved so much. There was nothing they did without music, so Rashawd turned on “S*x Love Ecstasy”, which really made her hot for some reason. “Hey monsta, why you Killin those girls, is it because yo lonely heart wants to kill the world” Jade felt it again, the turning of reality into a weed induced dream. Although this time jade hadn’t smoked nearly as much as she did before, because she was scared of having the visions again. So again convinced that her boyfriend was a killer, she started to think that maybe the lyrics weren’t just a coincidence, she had never heard them before, and how hard would it be to make music that had references to murder to scare a girl such as jade? “I can get you close so I can offer you, S*x Love Ecstasy, is all that I want so come back to me”. Is that what Rashawd did? He showed a good time, his sparse money, and weed to get close to jade? Why jade? “She thinks that im the one” was it all a trick to get her here? Trick her into thinking she loved him so he can kill her? All this was too much for jade to think about at once and with a shaking hand she gave the smile to Rashawd so he would not think anything was up. She couldn’t sleep that night, Curled up in the embrace of the person she was terrified of.

After hours

It was another long day away from being with Ash, as jade settled on calling him, and they were pulling into one of ash’s friends drive to get some weed. Jade didn’t really care to meet any of his friends because she knew that they would all just hit on her, regardless whether or not Ash was there. But jade couldn’t help think this friend was cute, he was more her type than Rashawd was. And Jade would never admit she was actually flirting with him a bit either. Jade thought “if this is what meeting his friends will be like, I want to meet more.” Rashawd caught Jade looking at James, and told her to wait in the car.
With one hand seizing Jades thigh, Rashawd cupped her chin forcefully. “I saw the way you looked at James. You’re mine, you hear? Call me daddy babe.” So Jade did, as Rashawd ripped of her p*****s under her skirt, and shoved his fingers inside her. When he was done he pulled them out and licked around them, sucking off her c*m. Jade couldn’t believe she let him do that and felt dirty. Why did he have such a hold over her?
Even now she was taking puffs from his blunt like a good girl. Jade now expects to feel the change when ever she’s smoking, but the more she has, she doesn’t have to be high to see visions. They were passing by a gas station, when Ash drove in. He got out and put money in for the gas and entered the store in front. Although since they drove up, the store was no longer a ziptrip, it had changed into a butcher shop. Ash exited as the closed sign went up for the day, and was talking with the butcher, handing him a wad of cash. After hours.         Jade had to run if she wanted to live, but as she stretched out her seat belt line it clicked. It was connected to a grenade and jade could decide now if she wanted to die slow, or fast in a gasoline bomb explosion. Jade let her seat belt go.
When nothing happened jade looked up at Ash who laughed and could be heard saying “told you” to the butcher as he grabbed back his wad of cash. They had been betting to see if jade had enough courage and was strong enough for torture. She failed. Jumping back in the car, Ash was turning green. Jade could see his hands turning long and a dark moldy green. She didn’t say anything, too untrusting in her voice, scared a tremor would come out instead of words.
“Wh-at are y-ou?” His smile reached his ears, yellowed teeth showcased behind it with a gold tooth on each of his fangs. “Oh now deary, im just here to have a good time” he slithered in mock hurt. Jade was frozen in her seat. But once jade looked back to see his long green withered hands, they were gone, replaced by his strong dark calloused ones.

No longer was jade excited to see Ash. She couldn’t help but feel scared every time they were in the dark, because you can never see what Is really in the dark with you. Jade hadn’t seen her besfriend in a month, there was never any time to.
So the couple were going to their first date. A nice dinner was what they needed, Ash could tell that Jade was scared of him, and he needed her to trust him. So he bought her a crystal dress and a pair of silver Steve Madden heels to wear, which infact made jade feel green, but also pink with lust. Jade didn’t know where they were or where they were going, but Bryson tillers “don’t” was blasting and they both loved this song, and were screaming it at the top of their lungs. It switched to “S*x Love Ecstasy” and they sang along once again. After repeating the chorus once with big loving smiles and interlocked fingers, Jade started to recoil as they were taking an exit off the freeway. “She thinks that im the one, yeah”. Somehow Rashawd had made a town where the one purpose was to make Jade fall in love with Ash, so he can kill her. From the paid actors watching her grow up, to the set up, abandoned areas around the whole city for a quick kill. “I could never be the man of your dreams” Jade saw green in the windshield wiper of Rashawd’s beat up old beamer, reminder her he wasn’t rich, and the orange of the tassel announcing his graduation year hanging from his windshield like it was his last victim. “She thinks that im the one so she’s next to me”. With a look at Rashawd, jade saw he looked knowingly at her with eyes full of anger. A tear rolled down her cheek as she saw they were pulling into an abandoned parking garage, except it was full of white vans, as she recalled she smartly called r****t vans once in front of him. Jade felt her self nodding in agreement that she thought he was the one. “And place no one above you”. This was referring to the ten commandments “thou shall have no idols before me”. Jade caught that Ash was back to being a goblin, and that only cemented that he was satan. “I could never be the man of your dreams”, Jade asked in her brain “what? Human?” “But I could be your fantasy”. Jade had secretly always dreamt what it would be like to be the wife of the underlord after watching a show where the woman was made to become his wife. She just didmt ever expect her wildest dream to vome true. It was no coincidence that Ash knew she would not only be into this but okay with it. So Jade felt red. Lust, violence, hatred. And they kept decending down the abandoned garage, to hell.

  • Savage Bae

    Is this story about you jade? Did u get r***d? Did you report I? ARE YOU OK? I’m worried for you jade.