Little Child’s Friend

Name: Molly Grant
Date of birth: July 5,2002
Date of death: March 12,2007
Cause of death:Unknown

“Unknown”is what it says and how true it is. A little girl so young killed by some unknown force. The thought of it is sickening and just down right wrong. What kind of person would just kill a little girl and for no reason at all?

Name: Darbie Falcon
Date of birth: December 19,1998
Date of death: August 30, 2006
Cause of death: Unknown

“Unknown once again…thats the sixth one.” All of the six were either Unknown or victum not found. Some are boys and others,girls. They dont bleed to death, they dont get kidnapped, and they dont die by natural causes. They just pass or dissapear. I fear for my son. He’s only 3. I don’t know what to do. All deaths and disappearances happen from around the age of 4 to 9, but that didn’t keep me from worrying. The latest report was a 6 year old girl who was last seen at her friends house. Both went missing by morning. Parent says the she went to tell that the young girl was needed back at home, but when she opened the door, both children were missing. She heard no screams, no bumps, no nothing.
That very next day, a miracle happened. A 7 year old boy was found after going missing 5 years ago. We took him in for questioning seeing if we could catch this “murder/kidnapper”. What he explained gave us a bone chilling feeling. It was a woman with black hair, black wardrobe, and bleached white skin. White as snow he said. What really got us was the facial features. She had a scar on her left cheek, eyes pitch black with a substance rolling out, miss a lined teeth, and gaping hole on the right side of her mouth. We didn’t know if this kid was exaggerating or telling the truth. Reason? Police file 35. Emma Rosedale. Died by a ritual of 10 to 15 suspects. Eyes plasted over with molten hot glass and shot through her cheek and up her head. People announced her dead. Others belived that she roams the earth as a demonic child stealing ghost. Morely known as Little Friend. She becomes friends with the child and then she will either kill them if they see her as a threat or take them to her relm once they trust her. I was terrified at that point. My son was with a babysitter that night, but i couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to check up on him or else something may happen. I call and to my relief he was ok. I finished up my shift, then headed home. Pulling up to my house i could see that none of the lights were on. I found it unusual. I told the lady that I was home by 9. Why are they off? Did she leave early? I walk into my house and turn on the living room light. She wasn’t there. I go upstairs and call for her. No response. It then hit me that something happened before I came home, but what? When I called they were fine. I noticed that the bathroom door was shut and a flicker of a light appeared from under the door. I pull out my pistol and walk to the door. Once I stopped at it, dread filled my lungs. There was scratch marks on the door frame and on the wood floor. I was so hesitant to open that door that I almost called on my radio for some backup, but everyone was home or going home, so I couldn’t. I turn the knob and slowly opened the door far enough that i could reach the light switch and then opened it all the way. I let out the most horrific scream. There was the babysitter in the tub, decapitated, and in a pool of blood. A knife stuck in the wall and more scratches on the curtains. Defense, they got attacked. I then look at the mirror and it had something on it writen in blood. “Now you know who i am. Now you know the truth. Now you will lose one closest to you. Now you pay” It came to me that this wasn’t a break in. It was her. I frantically run down the hallway, to my son’s room and burst in. It was still and cold. I go over to his cradle and find that he isn’t there. I turn to an open window and look out into the trees. There she was, grinning an insane smile, and they’re in her arms was my son, asleep, warped in a blanket, and unaware that he was being taken from me. I watched knowing I couldn’t do anything and she walked away from the house into the darkness of the night. Never for me to see my son again…..

Name: Ethan Hedadrix
Date of birth: February 6,2009
Date of death: October 1, 2012
Cause of death: Little Friend