Hi my name’s Zoe I knew that some thing was going to go wrong because that’s been happening to my family for years My brother Matt got shot my Mom died giving birth my dad fell of a brig to his death and My Sister Ruby just whent missing I was 16 at the time the day everything whent wrong.


It was mid summer my friend Dale came in to my room I lived by my self and my aunt came to check on me 1 a month and Dale was moving in soon but I didn’t know that, that was the last time I wold see Dale as Dale


“What Dale?”

“I fond the best game ever it’s call ….”

” Maybe if wold get that hair out of face you could read.”

I moved his blond hair out his eyes

“Thanks Zoe. Ohhh it’s a legend of Zelda game.”

I looked at the game it looked old it was for a gameboy I had one It was just in the back of my closet

“I’m going to get you gameboy.”

He ran towards my closet

“Dale whate.”

All of my stuff fell on to Dale

“Zoe I fond it!”

I swear Dale has the brain of a chipmunk he can be bleeding then he’ll see a dog and be fine he really is a dumb blonde


I replied he had managed to knock over a PlayStation 2 and 1 and get tangled in cords to who knows what after about 67 minutes of untangling Dale he ran towards my bed and sat on it and I sat next to him he flipped on the gameboy and every thing whent black.

When I woke Dale was still knocked  out I had a battle axe in my hands I looked at Dale he was different he had elf ears and was dressed in purple I walked over to a pond I was dressed like Link I had elf ears and I was in green. Dale came up behind me


There was a cat in a tree Dale ran over to it I ran after him

“Well Well what do we have here.”

It was a bandit and his crew I saw him on the back of the box of the game

“Oh it’s little Price Zeld.”

Da- Price Zeld hid  behind me

” Get out of my way Linka.”

The bandit pushed me put of the way something snapped in me something Bad evel of you wold. I turned around and cut the guy open he fell to the ground Zeld took out a Battle Axe too and killed a guy too It felted good to kill we killed off the others.



…… To be continued 😝


  • Stephen White

    Really bad ending.

  • Audra Hawthorne

    Wtf?? This s***s.

  • Angel Alfaro

    Welp because of this I feel like I canwrite a creepypasta about DAT BOI

  • Ernest Cantu

    Has potential (aside from the grammatical mistakes) but I feel like you can get more into the story.

  • Simon

    Alas, we may never get a continuation of this brilliant work of art…

  • Blaf Snarten Burg

    This looks like a Trollpasta