Life of the Party – Part 2: Diana has a Secret

The walls were of the safe house were inscribed with magical wards’ to fend off demonic entities or beings that wished them harm and alert of their presences when they near.

She brushed her brown locks to reveal once more her big blue orb eyes. So beautiful I thought. No woman I had come across matched her beauty. Her hair had a lovely bounce of curls in it. Not a single strand out of place. She wore whitewashed jeans with holes in the knees and a smiley face t-shirt. She had on classic converse shoes with one shoe having a lace undone and dangling on the side. Messy almost. But cute in my opinion. Eyeballing her height I’d give an accurate estimate of 5’8. Her voice was soothing yet sexual. “I really thought I was going to die Al. Are we safe here?” She kept calling me Al despite my corrections stating that my name is Albert. Truthfully, my name was sacred. No one could know it because like a demon, they would gain control over me. That was just the name I was using that night.

“Why don’t you have a seat over there. There’s some leftover weed in the bowl. There’s also some pizza in the fridge, a couple of pints of crown royal and some hot pockets in the freezer.”

She looked at me quizzically at first. She didn’t think I noticed how hungry she was. I smiled genuinely. She thought it was some ploy, some payment, for s*x. “No,” I stated, “this isn’t me trying to make you relax so I can take advantage of you. I’m not really interested in s*x. I need some time to consider what happened tonight. Please, help yourself.”

I went into the next room and brought out this box that connects to another realm. It allows me to speak to the long forgotten Doom Sayers. The Doom Sayers are a collective energy that foretell of possible futures. They warn what events could happen but speak in confusing, vague riddles. I called out to them after opening the box. “Doomsayers! I must ask of the future that may or may not come to pass!”

There was a stir from the box, and the lid blew off. Ink-black smoke poured from the box and solidified into the form of a man sans eyes, mouth and nose. When it spoke I could hear ethereal screams of pain of the dead. “Why have you summoned me half breed!?” It boomed. I produced a skull and shook it. The teeth I placed inside of the brain cavity made a click clack and it made the doomsayers form twitch uncomfortably. It’s form waivered. “Please half breed, no more!” It craned its head as if it expected to be attacked from behind and threw up its hands.

I smirked. “It only comes when I call it you ignorant shadow.” It didn’t physically turn to face me but instead morphed so that it was. Two red orbs appeared where the eyes would be located and glowed an angry hatred towards me. “Ask your questions halfbreed. The sooner I’m rid of you the better.” I chuckled. “As long as I have this box you will never be rid of me.” It’s form grew threateningly. I shook the skull. The walls shook. “If I shake it one more time, you will cease to exist here or anywhere. My question regards the events of tonight and the impact it will have on the future. Have I started the apocalypse this time? Was I successful?” It was the shadows turn to laugh. “Yes half breed, you finally have brought about the end of days. But you may not have a rebirth if you do not take better care with your decisions. For instance, right now you have a half breed who is chanting incantations quietly to herself to alert your enemies of this location to kill you.” I turned to Diana to see her in her true form. She was half succubus and fatally attractive. Were I not a half breed myself I would have been reduced to nothing more than a ravenous animal in heat.

But this wasn’t my first encounter with a Succubus. She’s only half Succubus but still very capable. When a half breed Succubus is born, their attraction is diminished because they’re not pure. But what they lack in attraction they make up for in telekinesis. A matured half Succubus can level a factory with her mind. Of course there’s only a few recorded instances of a HB being that powerful. Still, they’re a force to be reckoned with if angered or sexually frustrated. Using my heightened sense of smell, I could tell that this one was the second reason.

The reason I couldn’t tell before is because of the glamour Succubi put off. Now that the truth has been revealed, the effect won’t work.

She made no move, just stared. In an instant I had her by the throat and slammed against a wall. She genuinely look surprised. “Please, I had no idea you were so kind. No one has ever showed me kindness. I pledge my life to you! Please! Don’t! I hate my sisters and I never knew there was more to my life until I met you.” The last bit shocked me. Succubi do not abandon their coven. This was truly astounding. I set her down, walked to the fridge and grabbed an ice pack. I held it out to her. She seemed confused. “For your neck. The bruising.” She nodded and held it against her neck. If the cold bothered her, she didn’t show it. The doomsayer spoke once more. “Wonderful! The first important decision on this journey. Was it the right one? We’ll see! There are many more. But why spoil the fun.” It’s eyes were filled with an evil glee as it withdrew back into the box, the cover sliding back into place atop.