Lexi and Blaze: Impetus

Remmy and Beretta were going to be away for the week. Summer camp was just a few hours away and both boys were going to spend the week at summer camp and then a whole week and Grandma’s ranch in Colorado. Although she would miss her boys greatly, she couldn’t help but watch the clock tick off the seconds until the boys left. Lexi had the Jeep loaded with everything Remmy and Beretta would need. Clothes and shoes, pillows, various handheld game systems and the ever-present MP3 player blasting through the ear buds of both the boys, she hurried her boys in their seatbelts and reversed out of the driveway.

Remmy was twelve and looked like his Daddy. Just like Blaze, Remmy had jet black hair and the crystal blue eyes Lexi loved so much. Remmy loved boxing and spent two hours a day training hard. Lexi was proud of the man he was becoming but held some reservation that Remmy was indeed like his Daddy. Lexi saw the look in his eyes when he was angry that told her he had the potential to be what she and Blaze had become. Beretta was quite the opposite. Blonde hair and the same chestnut eyes as Lexi, Beretta was her little nerd. He threw himself in to books and would rather watch The History Channel than SpongeBob. At just nine years old, he was as equally as vicious in the boxing ring as he was in the classroom. He was quiet. Reserved. Watching. Just like Lexi. The fire in his eyes told her it wouldn’t be long. He was what Lexi and Blaze had become. The animals found earlier in the year scattered around the property they owned in Oregon left little to the imagination. There was no doubt what was going on there. Beretta’s only mistake was the surgical precision with which he sliced his blade through the necks, bellies, and brains of the carcasses he left behind. She and Blaze had quietly disposed of the carcasses and Lexi simply let Beretta know that HIS mess had been cleaned up. They hadn’t talked about it since, but Lexi and Blaze would sit and talk to him when the boys got home from Grandma’s. For now though, they had arrived at Camp Warrior.

Camp Warrior was on beautiful Lake Reason on the central Oregon Coast. The land was donated by Blaze’s father to a group of combat veterans to start the camp. Twenty years later, it was still going strong and showed no signs of slowing down. The kids would spend the next week on obstacle courses designed to break even the toughest of men. Close combat training that would hone their already proficient skills in hand to hand and small weapons training. Remmy was impressive with a knife and Beretta had proven himself to be aptly named. They loved spending time with the man who ran the camp, which was currently Blaze’s handler, Gato, and they both unbuckled their seat belts and bounded out of their respective doors and straight in to the arms of the big tough Gato. Lexi laughed at his quick hug to each of the boys, then an equally fast demand for both boys to stand at attention. She stepped out of the Jeep and was met by two young men awaiting the luggage for the boys. She left them to their assigned task and walked toward Gato, Remmy and Beretta. Gato caught her eye and gave her a look that clearly said “don’t embarrass those boys and I won’t have to kill you”. Lexi stopped in her tracks; shot Gato a wink that immediately turned his face a bright red, then a quick salute and Lexi started back toward the Jeep.

Back in the Jeep with the air conditioner on and the radio turned up, Lexi was going back to the home she and Blaze had built three years prior. It, like the others the couple owned, was close enough to civilization that the family could be an active part of the community yet far enough away that the neighbors couldn’t hear the screams. The main floor held a massive kitchen, dining room, living room, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a master suite. The second floor held two offices for Lexi and Blaze and a movie theater, complete with game room, for the boys. It was a beautiful home with a beautiful view but that wasn’t why this was Lexi’s favorite house. This house held a secret. After the home was built according to the blue prints, construction began on the special room. The only entrance to the room was through a trap door in the panic room inside the master suite. Everything was completed through that door and had to be carried in and out through the house. Three years and it was finally ready. A solid concrete bunker that was forty feet wide by forty feet long had been placed under the master suite. The walls had been hand poured and were eight inches thick. Large eye hooks had been installed in the ceiling, walls, and floor. A steel cage that held a bed and a toilet stood in the room. In the corner stood a large hutch that held medical supplies. On the opposite end of the room, adjacent to the stainless steel operating table, stood the instruments she and Blaze had used in past kills. Blood stained most of them and pieces of hair and human flesh had embedded in the chains she and Blaze had used to hold each of the past kills captive. Lexi loved this room. This would be she and Blaze’s first kill in the new home. She had picked her target. Blaze would choose his before he got home this evening. The boys would be gone for two weeks. She hoped Blaze would let her keep the kills for the whole two weeks. She had plans for them each and every day. Lexi had never killed before she and Blaze were married. She knew it was a passion of his, and she wanted to be his everything. The first one seemed a million years ago and a million miles away. It had excited her then and now it drove her insane. The thought of warm blood running over her fingers made her p***y wet and the thought of Blaze covered in the blood of his victim was orgasmic.

Blaze went about his day with a bit of a problem. He was on a whole new level of excitement at the thought of finally using the special room he had built for him and Lexi and his d**k stayed hard all day. Nobody understood him like Lexi and he intended to repay her unconditional love with a special kill just for her. Blaze was hopeful Lexi would allow him to keep this one for the full two weeks before he allowed Lexi alone to kill him. Blaze watched the man swing his Hummer in to the parking lot. Pretentious a*****e. Blaze swung himself out of his own Ford Raptor, a gift from Lexi for his birthday the past month, threw on that winning smile and headed in the direction of his latest target. The man stuck out his hand and Blaze took it in a firm yet brief handshake. Pete Marinello, like Blaze, had grown up on the base with his family and Lexi’s. Childhood years had been spent as an inseparable t*******e. If one were ever in trouble, you could bet that the other two were present and covering for the other. Pete, Blaze, and Lexi could often be found at the lake during school hours, and much of that time was spent in sexual exploration with one another. Pete had been the first to give Blaze a b******b. They were just kids and camping in the backyard when it happened, but it was something that neither would forget. It would become a cornerstone in their friendship throughout the years. Blaze wasn’t gay. Never had been. He never did more than lay there and enjoy, never returned the favor, and justified the whole thing with “it all feels the same in the dark”. Pete, on the other hand lived his life in two parts. During most of his everyday life, Pete was an everyday guy. He kissed his wife and kids goodbye in the morning and worked a nine to five to support them all. On the occasion that his wife and kids were visiting her parents in Texas or her sister in Arkansas, Pete would find a young homeless boy on the street and offer him food and a place to stay. He would take the boy home for the weekend and play with him in every way possible, shove a large sum of cash in to the boy’s hands, and put him back out on the street. He was smart enough to always travel to a different city to select his s*x toy. He had started to pick up boys that were younger and younger. Pete called Blaze in the middle of the night three weeks prior, frantic, and Blaze helped him clean up that little situation. A fourteen year old. How stupid. Pete was chosen that day and for that reason. He and Lexi would make him understand what it felt like to be used and abused and then thrown away like yesterday’s garbage. Lexi would enjoy it for that reason alone, but he knew she harbored a secret resentment for Pete. One that would fuel the next two weeks. Lexi didn’t know that he knew, but he did. He couldn’t wait to see the look on her face, and then his when she told him why he was chosen. The very thought of that made his already hard c**k twitch with desire for Lexi. She would have her toy soon enough.

Pete and Blaze were to meet in the parking lot of an abandoned warehouse and then Pete would ride with Blaze to see the new addition to the house. Pete assumed the normal chain of events would follow. A few drinks, a bite to eat, and then if Pete was lucky, Blaze would fall asleep in the man cave and Pete would be able to s**k Blaze’s d**k. He could never tell him to stop when he woke up in the middle of a b******b and Pete was going to take advantage of that. The men made small talk as Blaze turned the Raptor towards the highway and home. A short ride and they turned in to the electronic gate Blaze had installed as extra security. A few quick taps on the keypad and the gate groaned to life and swung out of the way allowing Blaze to pull his truck in to the driveway and then slammed with a clang as it shut behind them. Pete went on with his normal a*s kissing behavior. “Wow Blaze”, “Unbelievable Blaze” and “I wish I had the balls to do that” littered his incessant rambling. The urge to kill was great for this one but Blaze showed restraint and ushered Pete in to the house through the door in the garage where Blaze had parked his truck. The men walked through the mud room and in to the massive kitchen. Blaze and Lexi had chosen all stainless steel appliances. The kitchen held a massive island with a black granite counter top Blaze had hand crafted and flown in from Vermont. The island also held an under-counter kegerator and soda machine and the double stainless steel sinks were centered on the island in perfect reach of the stove and refrigerator. Blaze paused long enough to pour Pete and then himself a beer before leading him through the house and in to the master suite. Pete had visited the house many times in the past three years and was excited to see the new addition. Blaze had explained in his earlier phone call that the panic room was finished and in working order. Pete couldn’t wait to see if it really worked. He had only seen that type of stuff in movies. Blaze opened what seemed at first to be a closet door and motioned Pete in to the room. Grinning like the fool he was, Pete stepped in to the panic room and looked around. “Amazing!” That was all he could muster. Blaze shot Pete his grin and started to walk towards him. He hadn’t seen anything yet. Blaze pushed by Pete, making sure to brush against Pete in just the right spot. He knew Pete wouldn’t be able to resist. He was going to have fun too. He flipped a switch and an entire wall of television screens lit up. Live video was streaming on each of them. Each connected to a different camera and showing each room as well as a 360 degree view of the outside the house. Turning around now to face Pete, Blaze started towards him. Pete was hard and it was obvious this one was going to be easy. “Here comes the coolest part my friend”, Blaze said to Pete as he pushed the panic button and the door slammed shut.

Lexi had the b***h in her sights. She couldn’t wait to snag this one. Stupid w***e had wanted Blaze for so long. She made it clear that all Lexi had to do was turn her back and she would make that play for Blaze. What a better way to bring the prey in without attracting attention than to offer her husband on a platter and with her blessing. A quick phone call with the offer had sent the s**t running in her direction. Lexi giggled at the thought of how easy it was. They had agreed to meet at a rest area just north of Vancouver, Washington. Nobody was going to notice two women talking and then leaving the rest area together. Lexi knew enough to know this works. She and Blaze had done the very same thing a few times. Always successfully. Even when the vehicles were eventually found in the rest areas, nothing stood out to anyone. Not a single soul remembered anything special about the car or who was driving it or even when it got there. Lexi checked her makeup with a quick glance in the rearview, pasted on her best southern belle smile and hopped out of the Jeep and headed toward her prey.

Suzanne Liza Huntley, better known to her stripper friends as “Candy” had a long history of being the other woman. She loved nothing more than to snag a man that didn’t belong to her. She had a sudden change of heart when a millionaire bachelor walked in to her club with quite the indecent proposal. He paid the club a little under $1000 to release her from the rest of her contract, paid the rent in the apartment she shared with her best friend for the last six months of her lease and whisked Liza off in a stretch limo. Liza (pronounced Lisa) thought her man and his money made her one of the elite. It just made her a high-priced h****r in the eyes of Lexi. She didn’t fool anyone else either. The white trash just oozed from every pore and no amount of money would change that. Lexi had the cure for Liza that nobody else could or would provide. A permanent solution to a very annoying problem. The world should be grateful.
After the usual greetings and hugs Liza settled in to the passenger seat of the Jeep for the ride back to Lexi’s house. She talked nonstop about the wedding that was just one short week away. She would marry Mr. Wonderful and his money on top of Mt. Baker in a little alcove that sat above the main parking lot at Lookout Point. Very little decorating would be needed as the spot itself provided a breathtaking backdrop. Liza dug in her Coach purse and found her cell phone. Lexi had to admit the dress was stunning but was really tired of hearing about the love of Liza’s life when this trip was for her last fling with Blaze. Lexi was just about to forget the two weeks in the new room and kill the b***h right that second just so she would shut the f**k up but was able to remain calm with a smile on her face as she turned on her blinker to her driveway.

Pete jumped at the sound of the heavy metal door slamming shut. He was fascinated by the whole room. He was facing the wall of television screens that held the live feed for the security cameras when Blaze slid his arms around his waist and pulled him close. Pete was instantly hard and he sighed as he leaned back against Blaze. Blaze leaned in close to Pete and kissed him on the back of his neck then whispered in his ear “you will die here Pete. You are never going home”. Pete grinned and turned to face Blaze. His grin quickly went to a look of horror as Blaze stood with his favorite weapon, a Ruger 32, and a look that told Pete he wasn’t playing. Blaze ordered Pete to take off his clothes and throw them at his feet. Pete did as he was told and removed his shoes and shirt. Blaze hit him hard with the b**t of the pistol on the left side of his head and blood started to stream from the gash he left. “I said all of your clothes” Blaze hissed to Pete. Pete was shaking all over and removed his socks. He was bent over taking off his underwear when Blaze hit him again. “Look at me Pete.” The last blow from the b**t of the pistol had driven Pete to his knees and he lifted his head to look at Blaze. “Pete this is where your useless life ends. This is where Pete pays for his mistakes.”

Lexi and Liza entered the house the same way Blaze brought Pete in. Through the garage and in to the kitchen. Lexi put her purse and keys on the kitchen counter and asked Liza if she would like a drink. Liza asked for red wine and Lexi obliged. She gave Liza a tour of the house while they sipped wine and talked about what designer Lexi used and where the granite counter tops came from. Liza was standing in the master suite admiring the view afforded by the massive floor to ceiling windows when Lexi invited Liza in to look at the final room in the house. The panic room.

Blaze wrapped his hand around Pete’s throat and lifted him off the floor. Blaze had fire in his eyes and the sound of pure hatred broke through Pete’s terror and confusion at the situation he found himself in when Blaze squeezed his throat harder and said “Remember the night we all went camping at Crater Lake Pete? I remember it. So does Lexi. She told you no Pete. You let her get good and drunk and then you f****d her.” Pete started his p***y a*s whimpering again. His voice was shaky and low, his eyes a storm of confusion and horror. “Blaze that was thirty years ago man! We were just kids. Come on man. You know I love Lexi. And you. I never meant to hurt her.” Blaze’s only response what a hard right hook to Pete’s jaw that resulted in him folding like a lawn chair. Blaze pulled the trap door up and kicked Pete down in to the play room. He slammed the trap door shut and turned just as Lexi turned her key and opened the panic room door. Lexi quickly guided Liza through the door as Blaze started towards the pair. Blaze said nothing to Lexi as he slid his arms around Liza, grabbed her a*s with both hands and shoved his tongue down her throat. It was Lexi’s turn to hit the button that slammed home the solid steel door to the panic room.

Liza jumped at the sound of the door slamming shut and pulled away from Blaze. Lexi stood right behind her now. She grabbed a handful of Liza’s hair and jerked her backwards. “You want him and today as my gift to you, I give you my husband. Just like you, he comes with a price.” Liza started to pull away from Lexi’s grasp and she responded with a swift punch to the side of the face. Liza scanned the room for Blaze. He would help her. He would make this crazy b***h let go. She screamed as her eyes fell on Blaze and the image he stared at on the screen before him. Pete was starting to stir. Blood was pouring from the blows to the head Blaze had given him. “What the f**k” was all Liza could manage before Blaze spun around and landed a blow that instantly knocked her out. Lexi let her fall to the floor and kicked her pretty little head as she stepped over her and reached for Blaze. He was spotted with blood from his attack on Pete and his hair was wet with sweat. He pulled her close and she could feel his d**k straining to get out of the denim that held it prisoner. She kissed him then pulled away, patted his d**k through his jeans and shot him one of those wicked smiles. “Down boy. We have work to do”

Lexi grabbed the still unconscious Liza by the hair and pulled her over to the trap door where Blaze was waiting. He raised the door and Lexi kicked her little toy down in to the play room. Blaze dropped down behind her and Lexi followed. Pete had tried to play hero and immediately grabbed Liza and pulled her close to him. Lexi and Blaze both laughed at the sight of a naked Pete holding the nasty little blonde that was overdressed, unconscious and dripping blood from her surgically enhanced nose.

“Awwww. Look Blaze. People can change! Pete has his naked body wrapped around a woman and not a teenage homeless boy.”

The look of recognition and then terrified understanding crept across Pete’s face. He started to cry and pulled Liza even closer to him.

“You are so f*****g weak,” Blaze hissed at Pete, “she can’t save you either.”

Blaze snatched Liza by the hair and pulled her out of Pete’s arms. Pete pissed on himself and crawled backwards as much as he could before Blaze was on him. He pinned Pete to the floor with ease and tossed a look at Lexi “It’s your pleasure my Queen.”

Lexi smiled and pointed to the cage. That was his girl. He was hoping for just this outcome. What happened with Liza was his choice and she was going in the cage too. Blaze stood up, jerked Pete to his feet and pushed him towards the cage he built-in the corner of the play room. Pete tried to resist but there was no fighting Blaze. He was incredibly strong and well-trained for moving unruly prisoners. He shoved Pete through the door and pushed him on to the bed he had brought down here for just such an event.

“Don’t f*****g move!”

Blaze turned and stepped out of the cage where Lexi waited with Liza at her feet. God, he loved that woman.

He grabbed Liza by the ankle and pulled her through the door of the cage where Pete sat cowering on the bed. Lexi stepped in behind them and waited for Blaze to tell her what he wanted her to do. She loved that. He telling her what to do always made her crazy. A man who owned control in every situation but one. He always lost it with her.

“I want her on the bed where do you want the little b***h boy?”

“Chain him to the floor. A*s up.” Lexi was going to make sure Pete thought of little other than dying and dying because he couldn’t control his d**k in the presence of intoxicated females and teenaged boys.
Blaze told Pete to stand up and he tossed the w***e on the bed. He asked Lexi to secure her and he took control of Pete. Lexi reached for the shackles Blaze installed deep in the concrete walls and hooked each wrist and then each ankle in turn, leaving Liza spread eagle and unable to break free. Lexi lifted herself off the bed and turned to see Pete face down and one leg and one arm already shackled. Blaze shot her a winning smile and motioned for her to finish the job. Pete was crying and had given up fighting. Lexi kneeled on his hand, causing him to cry out in pain as she placed the shackle around his wrist. She lifted herself from the ground and kicked Pete firmly in the side of the head as she moved to put the shackle on his ankle. As she pushed herself off the ground Blaze eased up behind her, wrapped his hand around her throat, pulled her to him and kissed her neck. He had a raging hard on and Lexi pushed her a*s against it. Blaze’s hand on Lexi’s throat tightened and he pulled her closer to him.

“Leave them for now. I need a shower. And you.”

Pete started to cry again and as his captor guided Lexi through the doorway tears quickly gave way to panic.

“N-n-n-ooo! P-p-lease don’t leave me here!”

Blaze and Lexi both turned to look at him. Pete was a stuttering, shrieking, blubbering sight to behold. He was straining against the metal shackles that bound his ankles and wrists in a rather pitiful attempt at breaking free. Neither said a word as Blaze slammed home the heavy metal door to the cage leaving a now thrashing, screaming Pete and a still unconscious Liza to await their destiny.

The couple moved in unison toward the hatch that afforded the only way in or out of the play room. Blaze put his hands around Lexi’s waist and lifted her through the hatch then lifted himself through the hatch and on to the panic room floor. He closed and locked the hatch door and turned to find Lexi already at the keypad and punching in the numbers that would allow the panic room door to slide open. He made it across the room just as the door slid open and he and Lexi stepped in to the master suite in tandem.
Blaze stripped off his shirt and kicked off his shoes as Lexi disappeared into the bathroom and started the shower. He left a trail of discarded clothing as he made his way across the bedroom to join her. Lexi had quickly shed her clothes and as Blaze entered the bathroom, he saw her perfectly formed and wholly unclothed a*s just as the shower curtain closed behind her. He stepped in to the shower and slid his arms around his wife’s waist. She had both of her hands in her hair and was allowing the hot water to run over her. She moved her arms around his neck and kissed him as he lowered his hands, smacking and then squeezing her a*s. His d**k was hard and pressed between them and Lexi snaked her hands down his chest and then closed them around his d**k. Blaze let out a soft grunt as Lexi dropped to her knees in front of him. The hot water he had just shared with her was hers alone now and it beat down hard on her back. She kissed the tip of his c**k, then two progressively lower and very light kisses down his massive shaft, finally sucking first one of his balls and then the other in to her mouth. Lexi ran her tongue slowly up his shaft and all in one motion swallowed his c**k. Blaze moaned and his hands went to her head, tangling his fingers in her long wet hair. Lexi tightened and relaxed her throat and Blaze tightened his grip on her hair. She continued for far longer than Blaze should have allowed, as his c**k was currently obstructing her breathing, and he pulled her head backwards and jerked himself from her throat. Lexi inhaled sharply and wrapped her lips around his now throbbing d**k and sucked softly up and down the top half, increasing in speed and intensity until he was once again in her throat. He once again jerked his c**k from her throat and pulled her in to a standing position. He kissed her, softly sucking her tongue and then biting her bottom lip. His hands moved up and down her sides, settling on her ample breasts. Lexi moaned and wrapped her hands around Blaze’s d**k as his thumbs found her n*****s. He took one n****e and then the other in his mouth, sucking softly. His fingers had hit their intended mark and were massaging her c**t slowly. He increased the pace and his lips found hers. At once Blaze lifted Lexi, pushing her against the shower wall and driving deep inside her. Lexi wrapped her legs around his waist and moaned. Blaze was slowly, and a bit more forcefully each time, increasing the depth of his almost buried c**k. Lexi wrapped her legs tighter around Blaze’s waist, arching her back against the wall and driving his d**k all the way inside her. Lexi let out a shriek and her p***y tightened around Blaze’s d**k, sending him over the edge and he exploded inside her.

Once Blaze showered, he left Lexi to wash her long hair and do whatever it is women do in the shower. He dropped his towel on the floor of the massive walk-in closet he shared with his wife, chose his and Lexi’s attire for the night, then walked in to the panic room. Still naked, he sat in one of the four recliners that stood on the wall opposite the video bank, remote control in hand. He watched the monitors as Liza began to stir and Pete was again struggling against his shackles. He turned up the volume and caught the end of Liza’s terrified question, “…the f**k is this?”

Pete only responded with a whispered “We are going to die.”

“What the f**k? What the f**k?” Liza was starting to panic as the realization set in that she couldn’t move. She pulled against the restraints and screamed in desperation which pushed Pete over the edge and his endless diatribe of “we are going to die” became a high-pitched shriek. Lexi, wrapped in a towel, joined Blaze in front of the monitors.

“Put your toys away Blaze. You can play with them after dinner. We are going to be late.”

“Yes Mommy.” Blaze pushed the power button on the remote, leaving him in darkness to find his way out of the room and in to the walk in closet. Lexi was naked, having dropped the towel in the hamper, and was standing in front of the full length mirrors brushing her long hair. He had a spectacular view of her perfect a*s and ample breasts. He crossed the room quickly and slid his arms around her waist. He kissed her neck and pinched a n****e before smacking her on the a*s. Lexi shot him an evil look through the reflection in the mirror and continued to brush her hair while Blaze took a pair of boxer briefs from his drawer. Now it was Lexi’s turn to watch him. His six-foot seven-inch frame carried his 285 pounds well. His neck, chest and arms were very well-defined and looked as though the muscle may actually burst through the skin at any moment. He took pride in his washboard abs and an amazing a*s supported by two massive legs that could just as easily pass for tree trunks. His deeply tanned skin set off his ocean blue eyes and my God, that smile! His jet black hair hung to his a*s and was a tousled mess at the moment. He would braid it tonight, as he did every night, and he would spend a few extra minutes brushing his full beard. Blaze had made reservations at him and Lexi’s favorite restaurant, Nocturnal, and black tie was required, at least when you walked in the door. He slid easily in to the custom tailored tuxedo and slid on his shoes and reached for the Rolex Lexi had bought him for his 37th birthday two years prior.

“You look amazing.” Blaze was staring at Lexi. Her five feet seven inches was accentuated with a skin tight black mini dress and four inch heels. Her long blonde hair was pulled away from her face with just a few small curly tendrils escaping the tightly rolled bun and the bobby pins that held it in place. The dress came to a rest high on her thighs, barely covering her a*s, and plummeted almost to her belly button in the front and showed off her fabulous t**s. Her makeup was light, just some lip gloss and a bit of eye liner and mascara. She wore rings on every finger, diamond dangling earrings and a locket Blaze had bought her that hung from the chain she took from their first kill together. The locket was heart-shaped and, once open, held spaces for two pictures on the inside. On the left side, a seemingly innocuous picture of her and Blaze at the lake, on the right, a lock of hair. The picture was taken at the cabin where their first kill together took place and the hair was that of the victim. She wore the locket any time she and Blaze went out and he had come to expect it.

“Ready?” Lexi asked Blaze.

“After you my queen.” Blaze put his hand on the small of Lexi’s back and guided her through the house and in to the garage. He followed her to the passenger side door of his Raptor, opened the door, helped Lexi inside and shut her door. She smiled at that. You know, the gentleman that her killer husband was. If they only knew.

Blaze started the truck and backed from the garage, taking care to make sure the garage doors were secure. Blaze was a fan of country music and Johnny Cash come pouring through the speakers. “…to see if I still feel. I focus on the pain, the only thing that’s…” “…some sugar on me. In the name of love…” Lexi flashed her winning smile at an annoyed Blaze and sang along to the radio as he swung his Raptor from their driveway.

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