King of The Hill: Bill’s Suicide

It was a rainy day and I went to the CD store to get some adult swim cartoons, but nobody was in the store at the time and I decided to go behind the counter to see if I can find King Of The Hill episodes anywere, and I found a box called: Deleted Episodes. I looked around in the box and I found everything: Family Guy, The Simpsons, they all were CD cases and on them only had the season and episode labels on them, not the name or nothing just the season and episode.

I eventually found king of the hill and before I left the shop I put 60 bucks on the counter for them. I ran out and just realized I did something illegal because I’m curious. I ran home with the CD and finally when I got home, I said to myself all I wanted was a CD. I forgot the reason I wanted a king of the hill episode.

I put the CD in my VCR and all it said on-screen was play. The guys drinking beer in the background were not even there. I hit play and it started with bill drinking beer all alone staring at the camera. His eyes seem to roll to the side of his head to see dale and his wife being together and then his eyes rolled to the other side of his head to see Peggy, Hank, and bobby checking out Hank’s new tractor. He then stared back at the camera for 2 minutes and Boomhoward rides by with a girl in hid car. Out of nowhere Bill started crying really loud. Everybody looked at bill and stared at him like he is crazy.

Bill goes to his house and grabs a rope on the side of the ally, he goes to his room and the camera stays on his house for 3 minutes. Bill Dale and Boomhoward were thinking of some crazy idea but they need Bill. They went into his house and bill was hanging from the ceiling. They stared at bill for a long time, and they walked back into their houses and the episode ended…

I threw away the CD scared as hell and this episode is the reason I’m paranoid… forever… I just can’t think that if… that was extremely disturb… than think of all those other shows in the box.

  • Noodles

    Good concept and idea! I would recommend you add more detail to the entire thing you add more ambiance. You have some grammer errors here and there which ruins the atmosphere because I couldn’t make out what you were trying to say. Other than that, I liked the last paragraph. You kept the audience wondering, what was on the other tapes?