Killer Reflection

I have been diagnosed with Personality Disorders. It’s the worst disorder that my family have had. This disorder kept me from the dark, away from the light that I deserve. I’ve been battling depression and all I could think to ease this freaking feeling was to kill.

Yes. Yes.

I want to kill. I’ve been planning doing it. Killing them would make me happy. When they are dead I will take their money and do what I want to do.

“Hey you got a call” my sister, always make me pissed. She’s rude and I want to slash her throat. She turned the light on and I immediately covered my self.

“It’s Mom” then slapped the phone in my ear.

“Amity?” mom said.


“I will be gone in 7 days. I’m at the office right and sorry because I didn’t tell you earlier but take your medicine okay? You sister will help you.”

“Hell no” the b***h whispered.

Mother hung up the call. My sister gave me a smirk “I’m throwing a party right now and if you tell Dad you’ll be sorry. Never get out from this room and never let my friends see your dorky ugly face. Got it?”

“You’ll be killed anyway” I smiled.

“Whatever psycho” then she left.

Few hours later, the house was loud. I hate loud. I shouted…and shouted then my sister went to my room and slapped me hard “They knew that someone was here! You b***h! They want to get up here to see who you are! I hate you! I hate you–”

I stabbed her from the throat “I hate loud!!!!!” and stabbed her again “You are noisy!!!!” then I slapped her using the knife’s blade “Yes, yes I love blood! Beautiful color! Hahahaha!”

Someone screamed and my gaze went to the door to see people. People watching me. I sobbed and held the knife “It wasn’t me! She committed suicide! Help me please!”

They are still watching. I pointed the thing into a girl “If you won’t help me you’ll be sorry!”


“You killed her!”

“No I didn’t” I said “She’s my sister. Why would I kill my sister? Are you fools? An idiots?”

She stepped away and they all did. They screamed while running away and it will make me very satisfied if I catch up one person. She/he will be lucky. I turned around and saw the victim I was going to kill.

I stepped forward, she did too. I didn’t want to take this long so I killed her. I slit her neck and I knelt down. So much blood in my hands. I laughed. The voices finally stopped, the darkness was filled with light I always wanted. The whispering stopped, so as my breathing.


Police report:

Two girls were killed during a party at Downtown Field. Witnesses stated that the younger girl, was the one who brought this mess and killed the other girl. They were said to be siblings and witnesses also said that they just saw this younger girl, named Amity. The parents of the girls was both at work when this happened and Amity’s sister was found at Amity’s room with cuts and slices on her throat and face. Amity was found dead on the living room stated that she committed suicide.

  • Natacha Llancaleo

    I loved it! It gave me the chills.

    • xiosyumiko10

      Omg! Thank you so much! 😄 Appreciate your comment 🙂

  • Simon

    Yeah, uh… this is crap. Poor grammar, every character is unreasonably awful and the story is yet another generic “My sanity snapped and now I’m a killer, doi”-type crappypasta.

    • xiosyumiko10

      Thanks for your comment. FYI, English is not my 1st and definitely not my 2nd language. I’m trying hard to write in English and no joke, I’m just a teenager and a certified beginner who tries to write. 😕