March 1st 2009
Today me and mommy went to McDonalds to get some food. I had to go to the restroom really bad and asked mommy if I could go to the restroom. She said to wait for her but I couldn’t wait any longer. I left mommy and went to the bathroom. A man who was about 45 told me that mommy was waiting for her in his van. He said to come with him. I did and mommy was not in the van. I followed him anyways and I got in the back of his van. He asked me if I wanted candy for the trip. He gave me a lollipop and I fell asleep in the van.

March 2nd 2009
I woke up in a weird room. I was in a bed and I was really tired. I saw something in the corner of the room. It was a boy about my age. He started talking to me and said that he was in the van with me. I asked him where I was and he said in the torture room. The man who gave me a lollipop came into the room and he said we were going to have fun tonight. I was so excited! He gave me yummy pizza. After he left me in the room. I asked the boy what I asked him what his name is. He said Charlie. After we talked more, the man who gave me a lollipop came in and said to go to sleep. So I did.

March 3rd 2009
I woke up with a lot of blood on me. Charlie was crying and I asked him what’s wrong. He said Ben was stabbing him. I was really scared. Pain started to hit me. I could barely move my arms to write this. Me and Charlie kept crying. At first I didn’t know who Ben was. But now I understand. It is the man who gave me a lollipop.

March 4th 2009
I woke up and I was sweating. I saw a fire at the corner of the room. I woke up Charlie as fast as I could. We ran to the opposite direction of the room. Hot. Hot. Hot. Smoke started to come into the corner as the fire got bigger. I felt my arms burn and I started screaming. The fire was on us. I hugged Charlie closer as we passed out.

March 5th
I woke up screaming from a horrible dream that I had from the fire. My arms are burned and some parts of my feet. The dream involved my mom screaming at the police to find me. “FIND ELLIOT FIND HER!” Then a weird black thing with a white face. It keeps saying “Elliot, Elliot, mommy is never gonna find you… You will be with Ben and me, until Ben kills you…” Charlie is crying still saying it hurts. Ben came down the stairs with a knife. He asked me to come upstairs to see something. I followed him, having no choice. He had his phone on the kitchen table. It was mommy. ELLIE, TELL ME WHERE YOU ARE! PLEASE! I looked behind me and there was the guy in my dream. He said Charlie is down there, getting tortured by Ben’s assistant, Caleb. I looked back at the phone and mom is crying. I told her in secret I will be coming soon. Tonight I had a plan. I will get out of here.

March 5th, Bedtime
I couldn’t see Charlie. I looked more around the room. He was duck taped in the mouth and he was sleeping. I took the tape off and woke him up. OMG he is missing an arm. I’m guessing this “Caleb” guy is the person I keep seeing with no face. Charlie wakes up and starts crying. I told him we are getting out of here. I grabbed the knife and tools from the “Torture Table” And we unlock the basement door easily with the knife. We walk really quietly towards the door. Caleb is running towards us. I stab him with the knife and it makes him pass out. Ben’s phone is still on the table. I grab it before I run out the door. Charlie and I run deep into the woods before looking on the phone. THANK THE LORD there was service! I call the police, and they find Charlie and I. I get home, and I hug mommy and Charlie. I say goodbye to Charlie. Mommy says I need rest. I go to sleep in my normal bed. I dream. Caleb is in it. He says, “Big mistake Ellie, big mistake.” I wake up screaming and mommy came in. She had bad news. She said I needed to take a pill. She started crying… “You have to take this pill, you will not remember Charlie or any of this. I take the pill and fall asleep. Caleb came in my dream and blood was dripping out of his eyes. He said, “Bye Ellie, you will always see me and Ben and Charlie in your dreams…”


Author’s Note: If you didn’t like or think it was scary, sorry… I’m kind of noob at writing Creepypastas. 😂

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    It was alright.

  • Jed

    1/5 Extremely rushed and basically alluding to Slender Man as the kidnapper, this is a stale kidnapping story.