Jeff Lives Within Me

Leo had always been seen by his parents as a happy, stable child, without knowing of the true horrors contained within his mind. Leo had always been obsessed with creepypasta stories since he found them at the age of 8, his favourite one of all being the story of jeff the killer. He would read this story at least 3 times a week and would dress up as him every Halloween. While it worried his mother, she considered it a phase and ignored it, little did she know what this choice would lead to.

The reason Leo loved Jeff’s story so much was because his dream was… different to other kids his age. While some dream of being astronauts or firemen, Leo wanted to murder people. He thought about his dream often, visualising the looks of fear as his victims were drained of blood, and imagining the bliss screams of pain as his blade was driven into their throats. All he was waiting for was the right opportunity. Which he finally found.

Leo’s 15th birthday was approaching and his mother had asked him what he wanted, but her attitude soon changed as he listed of what he wanted, “I’d really like a hunting knife, preferably a large one and a saw could be fun- I mean, useful,” he was cut off half way through his list by his mother’s yelling, “What is wrong with you? All I want is a normal child, but instead I have a child that asks for knives like a f*****g psychopath, what do you even want them for? Huh, to kill more animals.” Leo’s face suddenly turned to anger, “You weren’t supposed to see them, that’s why I had them hidden, why were you looking through my room you bitc-” his mother raised her hand and brought it across Leo’s face, Leo smiled wildly as he leant over and dug his teeth into his mother’s ear until they were stained red with her blood. His mother reacted by grabbing the large kitchen knife placed on the chopping board and pointing it at her son with her arms shaking intensely. Leo laughed maniacally as he pressed his chest against the blade screaming at his mother to stab her little boy. she just stood there, shocked at her sons actions.
“Pathetic” he said snatching the knife from her hands and slashing it across his mother’s cheek, causing her to fall to the floor in tears of pain, and the realisation of son’s psychotic nature.

Leo stepped out of the kitchen into the hallway only to stop and listen to his mother crying out to him, “I knew I should have stopped you from reading those stupid f*****g stories as a kid, maybe you would actually be normal if your precious jeff the whatever his stupid name is never existed.” If this was meant to affect her son positively in any way she had failed as Leo only stepped back into the kitchen and drove the knife into his mother’s arm, “How dare you talk about him in such a way, you treat him respect or I’ll slit your f*****g throat.” He stormed off back to his room while his mother lay on the kitchen floor screaming to Leo one last thing, “You’re not Jeff Leo, so stop acting like it.”

Leo didn’t need to worry about her or his father calling the police as this wasn’t the first time he had stabbed one of them. His father would just come in from work and tend to his wife’s wounds too scared of his own son to confront him, Leo had gotten used to this, however this time it felt different.

What Leo’s mother had said to him, “I’m not jeff.” “But you could be,” whispered an unknown voice, “What, who’s there?” Leo looked around frantically searching for the source of the voice but found nothing, “If you aren’t me now, then maybe you should become me.” The voices use of the word me answered Leo’s question and sent a large smile creeping across his pale face. He looked at his clock, 11pm. He knew they would be asleep. Leo crept downstairs through the kitchen and into the bathroom. Still grinning largely, he found a pair of large scissors sitting in the cabinet, perfect he thought to himself as he turned to look into the mirror. He grabbed his eyelid pulling it away from his eye and put the scissors in place, “NOW!” shouted jeff’s voice commanding Leo. Of course, Leo obeyed his idle.

Leo’s mother awoke to the creak of her door as it slowly swung open to reveal a man dressed in a white hooded jumper, and grey track suit bottoms. However, both had large red stains and she could very faintly notice something dripping from the strangers face, she moved her hand slowly over to the lamp and turned it on, only to reveal her son brandishing the same knife he had used earlier on her. His mother held her mouth attempting to stop herself from throwing up at the sight of her son’s face. Leo’s eyelids were missing and his mouth had been cut through both cheeks creating a permanent smile. His small chin and once rosie cheeks were now stained with blood and a wide grin was stretched across his face. She threw back her covers to attempt to leave her bed but was stopped by her son leaping onto her bed and pinning her to bed, before she could even process what had happened Leo raised his blade and brought it down hard towards his mothers throat only to be stopped by her hands holding off his knife, this proved pointless as the earlier wound on her right arm rendered it practically useless, and her arms gave out leading Leo’s knife deep into her throat. His face lit up as blood spurted from the wound coating his face and jumper. His mother’s screams were silenced by Leo placing his hand over her mouth, “You said I wasn’t jeff, but you’re wrong, jeff lives within me now.” She began to lose consciousness when she gazed to the doorway, now noticing her husband’s body laying on the ground with a gash across his throat and his clothes and face coated in blood, this sight lead her screams to grow louder but were once again drowned out by Leo, “Shhh mum, just go to sleep,” at those words her vision faded and her body fell lifeless.

  • VBlackitty

    Wow that was really good and horrifying Creepypasta! I love it! 🔪

    • GhostRaven

      Meh, just another Jeff the Killer fan fic in my opinion

  • Cursed

    Just another one tbh

  • Alex Bauschard

    Good job! I was so moved and got sucked into the story right away. Leo transforming into Jeff The Killer! I’d like to see more.

  • Mystikk Wolfer

    Could I be like this?

  • 《▪︎♡M€qZi♡▪︎》

    I was not scared at all I loved it and I am telling my bro to read this👌again loved it

  • Toby Rogers

    I love my friend Jeff