July 4th, 12:41pm.

“Let’s go mom! Quick! Before the line gets too big” says little Jasmin while skipping down the stairs, her shiny long black hair bouncing with every hop, she was very excited to spend the day at the carnival with her mother. Well its obvious, since today is her 12th birthday. Her mother, seen sitting at the table, stares with tired blue eyes with dark bags under them, messy black hair, only sneered. “Dear, you know there is no money for the carnival. I thought we went over that.” Jasmin’s smile slowly faded. Its true, they didn’t have any money. Not a single quarter. Ever since her father took it all and ran off. “Oh, okay..how about cake? Do we have ingredients?” The mother rested her head on her hand. “No. There aren’t.” “Well why don’t we go buy some?” With that said, the mother suddenly got hit with a wave of anger and glared at her coldly. Jasmin knew that look, it was her que to not say a single word if she didn’t want to be slapped dead across the face. Jasmin headed up the stairs, sad and all. She was looking forward to spending her birthday doing what she loved. She thought to herself, “..I should’ve seen it coming..” The little girl took her hair tie out, and proceeded to change out of her favorite green zip up hoodie, black shirt below it with black faded jeans and black boots.

That evening at dinner, it was the usual, Jasmin didn’t like eating the same old stuff every day, but she didn’t complain. She wouldn’t dare. “Hurry and eat that before it gets cold. I don’t want to see a crumb on that plate or little idiot brats like you get punished for being ungrateful.” The mother hissed at Jasmin who sat across from her at the table. Looking down, Jasmin responded, “yes ma’am.” Shortly while the two had their silent feast, Jasmin started to tremble at a terrible memory. The last memory of her father that is. Jasmin and her father never got along, no, not one bit. He would always yell at whatever small mistake she did, he would even grab whatever is near and beat both her and her mother if they weren’t good enough. She trembled so vigorously that her fork slipped out of her hand, making a loud CLANK onto the ground. Her mother was enraged, getting up and going over to her, she grabbed Jasmin by the hair then threw her down with force. “PICK THAT UP RIGHT NOW!” She screeched at her daughter, not caring how much pain the little girl was going through. Jasmin did as told, whimpering silently and continued eating with the same dirty fork. 

The following morning, the alarm clock goes off, startling Jasmin awake for school. She sighs, gets up and got ready. Going quickly so she doesn’t miss the bus. As Jasmin head out the door, she could sense the mother, already awake, sitting in the dining room and giving Jasmin an ice cold glare. “Goodbye mommy.” No response, Jasmin stays silent and gets onto the bus and got to school. Little did Jasmin know things would only get worse, yet she never complains. Jasmin was the loner in her class, always being the main target for bullies, but little Jasmin never let the bad things hold her back. Later on around 2 pm, it started. Jasmin knew it would, she always knew 2 in the afternoon was what she called “bully hour.” While she went to her next class, Jasmin ignored the mischievous giggling from some of the older students who skipped their classes, she avoided as much eye contact as possible as she walked down the long hall. Before Jasmin knew it, her books, phone and bag were being destroyed and torn up by her bullies. Panicked, she tried doing whatever she could to cease it. “Please stop!! That’s my only notebook!! I need it and I won’t be able to get a new one! Please!” Says Jasmin as she struggled to grab whatever was taken from her. The bullies only laughed and shoved her down. What was the use, they were much taller and older than her, there was no way she could beat them, yet she still tried. Poor Jasmin was punched and kicked too many times for her to handle, and she fainted. 

Hours later, just barley waking up, Jasmin found herself in the clinic, still at her school hours after everyone went home. No one was attending her, which left Jasmin with confusion and even a patch of depression. “..where’s mommy?” Jasmin asked herself as she sat up then winced at the pain on her limbs and face, after twenty minutes or so of looking around for anyone who is still inside the building, little Jasmin was out of luck. Sighing with a confused feeling, she decided to go back home, highly doubting that her mother were to pick her up. The trip was long, about an hour away. As her trip came to a stop, Jasmin’s mother gave her another hateful glare while her daughter closed the door. “Where the f**k have you been?! I’ve been calling you over and over, where is your phone?!” As her mother walked closer, the little girl stared at the look on her mothers face when seeing her daughter covered in bruises and some of her own blood. That face, only made Jasmin shudder, knowing her mother would be angry. “What happened to you? TELL ME!” The mother yelled at the top of her lungs while grabbing Jasmin by the throat. Jasmin was frightened, her sad blue eyes began to tear up as she tried to speak. “WHERE IS YOUR STUFF, JASMIN?!” Only sound coming from the little girl was a small whimper and a cry. Moments later, after Jasmin had explained what had occurred at school, the mother was too enraged at her daughter for losing her belognings, and started beating Jasmin until she couldn’t take any more. Leaving her bloody daughter on the ground to die and suffer. “I knew you were always an ungrateful b***h, little girl.” Those words sent Jasmin over the edge, shaking and whimpering, Jasmin was too weak and in pain to stand back up. “I’m sorry, mommy.” Jasmin whispered, seeing her mother couldn’t care less if her daughter died. “You better be f*****g sorry you worthless pile of s**t!” The mother yelled. As her mother looked over at her daughter, seeing she was still alive, still infuriated at the moment, walked to her daughter and picked her up by the hair, glaring as Jasmin whimpered in pain. “Why are you still alive? F*****G DIE!” With that said, the mother roughly dragged Jasmin into another room and proceeded to beat her again, this time leaving the helpless little girl tied to the wall. Jasmin begged and cried loudly, wanting her mother to stop, saying it hurts, though whatever Jasmin said, her heart dropped to her stomach knowing her mother would never be convinced. Hours of being tortured and cut all over her arms, chest and legs, the mother at last noticed her daughter had her outfit from the previous day. The mother snickered, seeing the green was now covered in dry red stains. “I wish I never had you.” Were the last words the mother said to her daughter before killing her, stabbing her chest and extracting her heart. She stared at her lifeless daughter, seeing what a wonderful job she did. The mother huffed and got rid of any evidence, cleaning the entire house and left it as things were before her outburst. 

August 5th, 6:43pm.

Years passed after the incident, the mother, now remarried, had long forgotten of her horrible action. She lived a new life, with a charming husband and two cats, Coco and Chanel. “I’ll be home soon, baby, I promise.” Says her new husband before kissing his wife goodbye then head out. The mother, at long last, felt proud to have a new, better life. An hour or so of watching movies, the wife pauses the television due to hearing her cats fighting upstairs. “Now what on earth are you two doing?” The mother goes up the stairs and into the room where her cats are, only to see no one is in there. She looks around for them, calling their names and even checked if they had gone into the closet again. Suddenly, before she could react, the door to the room the mother was in slammed shut, frightening her. That room door has not been opened until many hours later, after the husband arrived back home. Only thing he saw was his wife, tied to the wall with her inners spilling out, both eyes missing, and written above her with her own blood were the words, “you should’ve seen it coming, mommy.”

  • MattiasV

    I was so sad while reading the story about the little girl called Jasmine, but in the end i just started laughing. Btw this is one of the best creepypastas ive read. Goodjob Keep It Up 🙂

  • ØSlenderWomanØ

    I like the twist! I was very satisfied when the mother got what she deserved.

    • Tooti

      I felt the same!that was great

  • Tooti

    This one one of the best creepypastas i read!well done!

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  • Alex

    This ho deserved it

  • Aidan

    I HATE that mother! She got what she deserved! No, she didn’t get what she deserved. She didn’t get enough.

    • Ellpa Elgae

      Lol, overreacting, much?

  • Andrew Bishop

    Holy cow. I could feel Jasmin’s pain when I read this. Keep it up man!

  • Exxon

    Make another story 🙂

  • Mcswagger

    Amaxing story well done!!

  • Simon

    Yeah, that’s definitely how human beings act… Actually, no. It’s not.

    • Sierraa

      Unfortunately there are people out there who are like the mother in this story.

  • Tyler Dumpman