It’s Only a Game

Somewhere in Texas around October 2nd, 2017:

Tommy just got his new Xbox One X. He won it from Taco Bell, so he was very excited for a free console. He was so excited that he, in fact, immediately plug it in and popped in the newest shooter on the market. Call of Duty: WW2.

Somewhere in Germany around 1942:

Huston just couldn’t get a break. He woke up to a bullet in he’s leg. The Nazis were looking for him. He was the only one left alive in his squad. The others were caught and shot. Huston giggled at his rhyme. Big mistake. Just as he started his little laugh the door to the room he was in open. He gave away his location, a small closet to the left of the door. Then all the sudden, just as he was about to reach for his gun, he lost control of his body.

Somewhere In Texas around October 2nd, 2017:

Tommy was greeted with Nazi looking directly in his direction. Being good at shooters, he immediately took the guard out with his knife. What a strange way to begin the game…

Somewhere in Germany around 1942:

After taking the guard out with the knife, Huston was pretty terrified. He was pretty sure that not being able to control ones self wasn’t normal. He then passed out.
When he woke up, he was back at base camp. Odd. He tried to walk to the Generals Tent. He remembered that as a spy, he must report. Then, all the sudden, he body moves toward the tent uncontrollably.

Somewhere in Texas around October 2nd, 2017:

Tommy read the letters at the top: “Go to the Generals Tent”. He followed his objective. When he stepped in the tent, there were many men around a map. Then something unexpected happened. The words at the top had changed: “Choose to share the information or kill them to gain power”. What kind of question was that? Power is best, that is obvious. So Tommy made his character pull out his gun…

Somewhere in Germany, 1942:

Huston began to panic after he pulled out his gun. None of his superiors had noticed him yet. Against his will, he aimed his pistol at the Generals head, and he pulled the trigger. It felt oddly satisfying to shoot him in the head.
After the first shot all the men looked up in shock. But Huston was quick. He had a crave to shed blood for some apparent reason. It wasn’t till he had killed all of the men before he realized that he had gained control over his body after the first shot. Then he blacked out.

Somewhere in Texas around October 2nd, 2017:

Tommy had been horrified. After he shot the general, he had lost control over his character. He knew it wasn’t a cut scene because his HUD had stayed put. After that he had to shut it off. The main problem was that he FELT the character’s emotion, the need for blood shed.
A few weeks later, Tommy was put in prison for murdering an entire elementary school with a gun. The worst part was that the first person he killed was stabbed and cut up. The pieces of body were put on the ground in a Nazi pattern.
Days later he was executed at the elementary school.

The elementary school is now being built as a burial ground for the killers and crazies.

  • Dani Leigh Snyder

    Very good story, however after a certain point it feels rushed. I was hoping it to turn into a series.

  • Sarawrrr

    That escalated quickly.