It’s Moving

Everything in this story is real and has happened to me since I moved, keep in mind this is my first story I’ve written, thank you.

I have previously moved to Webster with my new step dad, mom, sister, and new stepbrother. My step family had already lived in the house of which was three years old and had no previous owner, but mine was new. We moved my stepbrother room to a different, smaller room so me and my sister could take the bigger one.

The days passed and I made friends at school. My friends where mainly nice but they all had their weird kinks as usual people do. Me and my friends joke about the supernatural, hell and all that stuff. But one day I tried to make a Ouija board while I was in my basement. I was using one of those wet glue bottles, gluing paper onto a thin piece of cardboard. I was on call with my friend while making the board, that was the only way I felt save in my basement. My friend had to leave and I was still downstairs. After she left the call I started grabbing my things so I could start heading upstairs. After I was almost done I sat on the couch, but as soon as I had sat down I hear scratching on the wall behind me. I was scared at first, but I assumed it was a rat, I had a bunch of them in my old home. I then grabbed my Chromebook, scissors, and fake Ouija board and went upstairs.

The next day I went downstairs to sit on the couch watch YouTube on my Chromebook and to talk to my friend. What I had seen scared me. The glue bottle was on the floor torn open, not twisted off but the part right under the cap was torn open, almost like something was trying to get in it. The glue was in two big globs on the floor meaning it was moved while it was spilling. I had then felt the chill run up my spine as I felt something watching me. I slowly moved back and around the wall that was separating me and the door. I then closed the door to the basement getting a sigh of relief. I then walked upstairs watching behind me on each step. As soon as I got upstairs I sat on my bed and ran throughout the possibilities of who could have done that, my parents where at work, my sister was upstairs the whole time, and my step brother was at his mom’s house. I then was thinking about the scratching, a though smacked my head… My house was new no mice could get in. That wasn’t a rodent scratching on my wall.

It was a couple of months later and we got chicks. Guess where we put them, yep downstairs, and I had the prized title of chicken momma, I had to check on them everyday to give them food and water. I had to give them food and water when I woke up and when u came home from school. So at 6:00 am and 2:40 pm. I had a dream, or more of a day dreaming moment where I saw a dark figure holding one of my chickens, I then walked into the basement and it dropped my chicken.

About a month later nothing happen but I felt the same spine-chilling feeling as I did in the basement that one time. Then for no reason doors started opening around the house, closed locked doors opening with no one on the other side its moving. This has been happening for about two months and it’s still happening but nothing has yet hurt me, or my family. If anything happens I will write more, bye.

  • Bonnie Manz

    You really should edit this story and maybe give it an ending. But good try for your first story.

  • Vidcrusher

    You should give it suspense and you should make a ending or it will be a continuous story

  • JaneTheReader

    Bit of an abrupt ending, but good try for your first creepypasta.