It’s Just a Feeling

You know those feelings of dread you get while in your basement? Like someone is watching you, waiting to hurt you. Everyone gets them, it’s similar to when you turn off your lights and run to your bed, so that nothing grabs you from under your bed; it’s like that feeling.
Well, I get that feeling often, especially in my basement at night.

I hate that feeling; it’s always there, just lurking over my shoulder, waiting. After years of suffering, I was done with those feelings and had finally decided to do something about it last month.

Each time I would down into the basement, and got that feeling again, I would talk to it. I know, I sound insane, but hear me out. To clarify, I would pretend the feeling was an actual person and just talk it, and ask it questions.

This has worked amazingly well for me, I was no longer afraid to go into my basement! I would play my games, and just talk to it about the most random of things.

Everything was great, I actually like going down there while home alone! That was, until I received an answer last night…