It’s In The Closet

Your room is pitch black. The only light that can be seen is the eerie glow from the moon outside of your window. You pull your covers up to your chin, and shiver as you hear a “scratch, scratch” noise coming from outside. You can be sure the shadow on your wall is a big, gnarly hand. But you look at the window and realize it is the tree branch tapping on the window.

You take a breath, but before you can relax you see someone sitting in your computer chair. You grab your flashlight and turn it on, only to realize it is just your school jacket and your Teddy bear. You try to turn over, shivering in pure terror as your try to force your eyes closed, but before you can you hear a sound, a sound of someone calling to you, “Whooooo, whoooooooo.”

All of a sudden you see a pair of pale yellow eyes, so you turn your flashlight towards the window and take a small breath and chastise yourself for being scared of an owl. You laugh quietly to yourself for a brief moment before you hear the closet door creak open. You hear your name. You pause, but you don’t turn your head because you are afraid, very afraid. You know what is there, waiting for you.

You freeze in terror as you feel the hot breath, breath so hot it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up. You quickly pull the covers up over your head. You know this is false hope, but you hope and pray that the safety of your covers keeps the inevitable from happening. You are quiet as a mouse as you feel an icy, cold tremor creeping down your spine as you feel the hot, clammy hand wrap slowly around your ankle.

You try to scream but you cannot seem to make a sound. You squeeze your eyes shut, hoping that this is all just a dream. You take a deep breath, and throw the covers off, jump off the bed and run towards the light switch on your wall and flick it on. Nothing is there, but you swear this was real. You notice all of a sudden that your ankle stings. You look down to examine it and find three long scratches, it looks like a claw mark.

You know this was real, it wasn’t a dream, and you are terrified. But you must sleep, you cannot avoid it. So taking a deep breath you tiptoe towards the closet, slam it closed, lock it, turn the light off and run to bed, once again pulling the covers up over your head and hope that you can fall asleep quickly. You hear the closet open once again but you swear that you closed it. You stay completely silent and hope that it goes away. But it’s in the closet and it’s coming for you.